Moving container workload – On-premise to IBM Bluemix containers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Part 1

n our discussions with customers, there is always an area of interest in movement of Docker container workloads from on premise to Cloud Service Providers (CSP). Customers are looking to move to the public cloud to leverage the advantage of agility, auto scaling, life cycle management and the ability to pay as you go.

Securing Docker containers with Vulnerability Advisor in Bluemix

Vulnerability Advisor (VA) is a component in the IBM Bluemix Container Service. It's a security management tool that can be used use to identify and manage vulnerabilities and configuration best practices for Docker images and Docker instances.

Anti-affinity and IP Binding in IBM Containers Groups

Anti-affinity is a relatively new concept to IBM Containers . To define this concept, I’ll begin by describing it in the larger context of comparing containers to groups, and I’ll also provide an example of binding an IP to a group (as this is done differently for groups than containers). Containers are great for rapid […]

Identifying insecure configurations with IBM Vulnerability Advisor

Security is hard. Using IBM Vulnerability Advisor on Bluemix Containers Service removes some of your security concerns by identifying vulnerable packages or policy violations in your container image. It now goes further by identifying insecure application configurations and Vulnerability Advisor advises how to correct them.

Using Splunk in a Docker Container on Bluemix

Splunk is a popular platform for log aggregation. It provides an easy way to aggregate logs from multiple sources, providing a way to index and search them in multiple ways. This post documents the steps to get Bluemix containers up and running with Splunk Light.

Secure your Docker containers on Power with Vulnerability Advisor

Vulnerability Advisor now offers automated assessments of Power-based Docker images. Users of Power-based Docker containers can push their images to their private Bluemix registry to receive reports that highlight potential vulnerabilities and violations of best practices.

IBM Containers: Availability Zones

Availability zones allow apps to be run and load balanced across multiple cloud environments of the same IBM Containers region. In much the same way anti-affinity provides protection from a single physical compute node failure, availability zones protect against a whole cloud failure.

Report: Container Technology Global Perception Study

With the objective of bringing into focus a multi-national outlook on container technology, Cloud Foundry Foundation commissioned a study in the first quarter 2016.

IBM’s Container Service: Container Security, Applied

It's no surprise to anyone that container security is still a hotly debated and discussed topic across the cloud ecosystem. Much of the debate hinges on an understanding that the full benefit of container technologies is only realized in a container native bare metal deployment, but many implementations are hindered from this by a "safety net" of understood and vetted VM technology. Everyone from developers to IT execs to operators and admins want to know that a true container native future for their cloud virtualization strategy is a "safe bet" that won't come back to bite them.