Webinar: Getting started with Docker and Kubernetes

While Kubernetes is getting great attention in GitHub, many developers beginning the cloud adoption journey are still needing good introductions to containers and Docker. Still others—a smaller group, true—are not sure they need to make the bridge let alone a leap into cloud technologies.

What’s the secret? How to pull an image from a non-default Kubernetes namespace in IBM Bluemix Container Service.

How to pull images into a non-default Kubernetes namespace in IBM Bluemix Container Service by copying the existing default secret into the new namespace.

Kubernetes now available on IBM Bluemix Container Service

Today IBM has released a beta of Kubernetes support in the IBM Bluemix Container Service. The IBM Bluemix Container Service, now combines Docker and Kubernetes to deliver powerful tools, an intuitive user experience, and built-in security and isolation to enable rapid delivery of applications all while leveraging Cloud Services including cognitive capabilities from Watson

11 Ways to go cloud native with microservices and containers @ Interconnect 2017

Think of a microservice within a cloud native application as similar to a Linux process: it’s designed to do one thing very well, runs only when and as long as needed, and often combines with others to work together on data. Since microservices run in containers, how a cloud platform manages relationships and resources among containers running the components of the overall application most definitely effects performance. Get microservices and containers right with Bluemix clients and experts in these sessions.

Developing tomorrow’s applications in the open with containers

How will developers build applications over the next 10 years? The question is simple. The answer—not so much.

Assessing the security risk of your containers with Vulnerability Advisor

We announced the launch of the Vulnerability Advisor (VA) service for IBM Containers at DockerCon 2015. Since then, VA has been continuously scanning thousands of customer images daily and reporting to our users discovered security issues on their containers in several dimensions, including vulnerabilities, compliance issues, security misconfigurations, and malware findings. In the current version of VA, a vulnerability assessment report includes the list of packages which are affected by known vulnerabilities. By checking this report, the user can take action to remediate issues by updating/reconfiguring/disabling discovered vulnerable packages.

Moving container workload – On-premise to IBM Bluemix containers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Part 1

n our discussions with customers, there is always an area of interest in movement of Docker container workloads from on premise to Cloud Service Providers (CSP). Customers are looking to move to the public cloud to leverage the advantage of agility, auto scaling, life cycle management and the ability to pay as you go.

Securing Docker containers with Vulnerability Advisor in Bluemix

Vulnerability Advisor (VA) is a component in the IBM Bluemix Container Service. It's a security management tool that can be used use to identify and manage vulnerabilities and configuration best practices for Docker images and Docker instances.

Anti-affinity and IP Binding in IBM Containers Groups

Anti-affinity is a relatively new concept to IBM Containers . To define this concept, I’ll begin by describing it in the larger context of comparing containers to groups, and I’ll also provide an example of binding an IP to a group (as this is done differently for groups than containers). Containers are great for rapid […]