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New Benefits Program for Cloud Solutions Providers ISVs

Wondering how to accelerate your business? Good news! – IBM is announcing a new benefits program specifically designed for the needs of Cloud Solutions Providers and ISVs. Do you need access to technology? Need help to drive demand for your business? Ready to make more money?

WayBlazer, Runkeeper, Densou prove that cloud is the platform for digital innovation

Cloud levels the playing field with easy access to data and technology. Learn how WayBlazer, Runkeeper, and Densou Trading Desk make the cloud work for their client and business needs.

Blue Box Local boosts Bluemix landing in China

Blue Box Local is a fully-managed, OpenStack-based private cloud solution (PCaaS), which is deployed on-premises in the customers’ data centers. It boosted China landing of Bluemix Public into the 21Vianet data center.

Expand your computing power with IBM Blue Box Local Cloud

IBM Blue Box Local delivers a managed, extensible private cloud as a service (PCaaS) in your own data center, thereby speeding up your application development process “behind the firewall.”

The IBM internal GitHub Enterprise system running on Blue Box

Tasked with helping transform IBM, a year ago, our CIO office’s Whitewater team selected GitHub Enterprise as the next-generation software repository for IBM’s engineering teams. And while I’m not one to celebrate technology birthdays, IBM's GitHub Enterprise deployment is getting an awesome gift, wrapped in a big Blue Box.

Chasing down data and stronger performance

Threshold tests, max aerobic tests, and sprint tests became a regular part of my mornings. I knew my average watts. This attention to data paid off on the cycling course of the Ironman Lake Placid when I finished the bike portion 23 minutes faster. I was finally learning to embrace data to drive my performance.

Blue Box Cloud: Four industry perspectives, one hybrid vision

Watch four industry thought leaders express their views on enterprise cloud adoption, open source technology, and hybrid use cases by industry.

Cloud technology: A game changer for athlete training and health

With the opening ceremonies less than a month away, the Rio Olympics will showcase the most innovative technology the Games has ever seen. From sensors that allow fans to monitor athletes’ heart rates in real time, to lap counters at the bottom of swimming lanes, technology is changing the entire landscape of sports. What’s even more interesting is the way cloud technology is revolutionizing the way athletes eat, sleep, and train to improve their overall health, eliminate injury, and achieve optimum performance.

IBM Blue Box secures mission-critical applications for Cloudsoft

Hybrid cloud has become key to enabling enterprise growth and innovation, as adoption strategies continue to mature. When Cloudsoft, the leading hybrid cloud application management company, began to expand its global footprint, the ability to maintain privacy and control over its clients’ data was critical. As IBM recently announced, Cloudsoft is now running its flagship product on the IBM Blue Box Cloud.