Introducing the Bluemix Developer Console

We just introduced The Bluemix Developer Console. Extending the current Bluemix Mobile Dashboard, this new experience goes beyond mobile and introduces new tools for quickly creating Cloud Native applications across web, mobile and backend. They aim to greatly cut down on development time by generating application starters with all the necessary boilerplate, build and configuration code, so that developers can start coding business logic faster.

Get started guides for your favorite runtimes

For many developers, the Hello World starter applications on Bluemix are too basic and the sample applications on IBM-Bluemix.github.io page are a bit too advanced. If you agree with this, you'll find our recently released Runtime Getting Started guides extremely helpful.

Hello Natural Language Understanding (NLU)!

We are super-excited to announce the availability of Watson Natural Language Understanding Service (NLU), offering natural language processing for advanced text analytics.

Webinar: Customizing LoopBack by integrating modules

Register now for a LoopBack webinar hosted by an IBM expert, which will teach you the basics, plus additional functionalities.

Watson IoT Platform changes to application status API for applications

Next month, the Watson IoT Platform will make changes to application status messages published to the application monitor topic. We want to ensure that you're aware of these changes in case you're depending on the existing behavior, and need to make changes to your applications to ensure they continue working as expected.

Exposing OpenWhisk RESTful APIs with API Gateway

With the recent promotion of OpenWhisk to general availability, you not only get the incredibly powerful, scalable, event-driven programming model for building your actions (functions) using serverless computing, but something else slipped into the release that you may not have noticed: The OpenWhisk API Gateway The API gateway is an experimental new feature that enables you to […]

Watson Discovery – General Availability

Watson Discovery Service is now available. Powered by Watson APIs, it gives developers the fastest path to build cognitive apps that extract value from structured and unstructured data.

Using SendGrid on Bluemix is as easy as sending an email

SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP provider that allows you to send email without having to maintain email servers. SendGrid on Bluemix means that Bluemix developers have this email feature available at their fingertips.

Introduction to APIs from Pitney Bowes

The APIs you choose make a difference. Pitney Bowes is an industry leader in geocoding, geodata and location intelligence. Developers can now access our APIs on IBM Bluemix.