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IBM Watson Speech to Text API – feature update

We’d like to inform you of two Speech to Text API service feature updates.

Free Quota Increase in Watson Internet of Things Platform Lite Plan

The Watson Internet of Things Platform Lite Plan new quota is now live! Free of charge, you get:

How to sharpen Watson Visual Recognition results with simple preprocessing

The IBM Watson Visual Recognition service can obviously tag images for content, recognize faces, and find similar images, but that’s not all it can do. If the condition you want to identify is only within a smaller region of a larger image, the entire image might not be classified with high enough confidence and a positive result could be missed. This post shows you how you can improve Watson Visual Recognition's ability to detect finer details.

A Chatbot with Watson Speech-To-Text and Mobile Analytics

This post guides you on how to integrate Watson Speech-to-Text and Mobile Analytics into an Android native app. Speech-to-Text and Mobile Analytics are available as services on IBM Cloud i.e.., Bluemix. You will be integrating the services available on Bluemix into our existing chatbot using Watson Developer Android SDK and Mobile Analytics client SDK with minimum lines of code.

Retirement of AlchemyAPI service

We’d like to inform you that we will be retiring the AlchemyAPI service on Bluemix. The two main capabilities within AlchemyAPI are AlchemyData News and AlchemyLanguage.

Augmented reality a new horizon through multi sensory learning

The above Chinese Proverb expresses what multi sensory learning is all about in three lines. The human brain has evolved to learn and operate optimally in multi sensory environments. Hence, when we engage more senses, more cognitive connections and associations are made and this helps to further process new information. In fact, we learn “better” using multiple senses at once. It's logical! Let’s use Dragon Creative Enterprise Solutions Ltd. (DCESL) to help us build some new cognitive connections of our own.

Using Watson Speech to Text and Openwhisk to discover even more dark data in videos

Use the OpenWhisk serverless platform and Watson cognitive services like Visual Recognition, Speech to Text and Natural Language Understanding to discover dark data hidden in videos - automatically.

Importance of context in a chatbot conversation

This post introduces the Importance of Context to maintain the state of a Conversation while building a bot more specifically a chatbot.

Hello Natural Language Understanding (NLU)!

We are super-excited to announce the availability of Watson Natural Language Understanding Service (NLU), offering natural language processing for advanced text analytics.