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Secure Gateway New Pricing Plans

The IBM Bluemix team is pleased to announce the new pricing for the Bluemix Secure Gateway. The new pricing will go into effect on March 7, 2017.

Secure Gateway: everything you ever wanted to know

Learn all about IBM's Secure Gateway in this Q&A with Secure Gateway Software Engineer Tom Bryant

Cloud security and IBM Bluemix – get started

I want to take a broader view and point you to some good introductory material on security for cloud-based workloads ("cloud security"). It consists of an overview of different cloud deployment models and their components, including using IBM Bluemix. Thereafter, it digs into each of those categories and takes a look at how to secure those components and the data.

Three reasons to use non-IBM services on Bluemix

As an app developer you might say to yourself, "I see third party services in the Bluemix catalog. But I can call into those services directly from my app. Why should I bother connecting to them through Bluemix?"  In this post, I'll explain three key reasons: manageability, security, and portability.

Security and Compliance for IBM dashDB and Cloudant

I often get asked about the security features of IBM dashDB and Cloudant. Both are database services ("DBaaS") offered on IBM Bluemix. Once the security topic is addressed, compliance-related questions are next. A good chunk of questions can be answered by reviewing the provided product documentation.

IBM Mobile Client Access for Bluemix becomes IBM Bluemix App ID with a new pricing model

On March 14, IBM Mobile Client Access for Bluemix (MCA) gets a new name: IBM Bluemix App ID. Along with the name change, we're also introducing an improved experience with a new pricing plan.

Vulnerability Advisor in action: Securing your containerized apps against malicious access

We'll take a look at how Vulnerability Advisor (VA) helps discover critical security holes in your containerized applications.

Analyzing file-based malware with Vulnerability Advisor

Vulnerability Advisor (VA) discovers security, compliance, and configuration issues with your containerized apps throughout their DevOps life cycle. To further extend VA coverage, we are introducing file-based malware detection.

Customizing risk rating formulas in Application Security on Cloud

Application Security on Cloud comes with a set of predefined formulas, which security analysts can use right away. The Risk Rating formula is probably the most important attribute that you can use to describe your applications.