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Powering Hybrid Cloud Connectivity with IBM Direct Link

IBM offers Direct Link network service that helps customers directly connect from their on-premises data centers into IBM Cloud through any of our PoP locations and/or Data Centers spread across the globe. IBM Direct Link provides following key values to the hybrid customers.

Query many data sources as one: IBM Queryplex for data analytics

Queryplex runs advanced analytics (SQL, Python, R, PySpark, etc) across many devices and data sources as though they are a single consolidated data repository. The technology can be used to erase data silos of multiple databases (e.g. Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, Netezza), or compute analytics across tens of thousands of distributed Internet of Things devices where data may be stored in smaller repositories (text files, Excel spreadsheets, Informix, MySQL). Queryplex let's you query many data sources at once with a single statement, whether they are large repositories, small devices, or any combination of them.

Cloud security and IBM Bluemix – get started

I want to take a broader view and point you to some good introductory material on security for cloud-based workloads ("cloud security"). It consists of an overview of different cloud deployment models and their components, including using IBM Bluemix. Thereafter, it digs into each of those categories and takes a look at how to secure those components and the data.

Using iPerf to troubleshoot speed and throughput issues

iPerf is an open source diagnostic tool that generates data transfer statistics. You can test any number of TCP window settings in real-time—even using parallel streams.

Online marketing: Network best practices for moving to the cloud

The competitive landscape of the ad industry is continually evolving and online marketers like yourself know that more than ever, milliseconds matter. Learn how to keep up with demand and meet the needs of an ever more demanding consumer.

Why is bandwidth important?

Bandwidth is a big deal. For a limited time, we'll give you 10TB of bandwidth free on v1 servers and 5TB of bandwidth free on v3 servers.

Blockchain Starter Plan moving to Hyperledger Fabric v0.6

As of December 30, 2016, we will be deleting all service version 0.4.X instances of the IBM Blockchain “Starter Developer Plan” Beta service on Bluemix.

What’s network latency and why does it matter?

Your users want your data as quickly as you can get it to them. The time it takes for your data to get to them across the Internet is called network latency. The more control you (or your provider) have over your data’s network path, the more consistent (and lower) your network latency will be.

IPSec Tunnel between Bluemix VPN Service and on-premise FortiGate Firewall

The VPN service helps integrate the container’s network on Bluemix with an on-premise / off-Bluemix network through a secure IPSec tunnel in order to realize a hybrid application. This post focuses on establishing an IPSec tunnel with the FortiGate series firewall, which is one of the most popular enterprise firewalls today.