Internet of Things

Rapidly compose and extend apps that take advantage of data and analytics from your connected devices and sensors.

Serverless transformation of IoT data-in-motion with OpenWhisk

OpenWhisk is great for 'serverless' transformations of IoT events, where the custom logic is hosted on a fully managed and elastic cloud platform.

Watson IoT Platform changes to application status API for applications

Next month, the Watson IoT Platform will make changes to application status messages published to the application monitor topic. We want to ensure that you're aware of these changes in case you're depending on the existing behavior, and need to make changes to your applications to ensure they continue working as expected.

Environmental analysis in the era of cloud and big data platforms

The incredible advances in cloud computing, analytics, and the Internet of Things (IOT) have completely changed the paradigm for analyzing the big data generated by scientific projects.

New year, new you: Count on tech for a healthy start to 2017

The newest wave of technology has helped make working out and staying healthy convenient—and even somewhat addicting.

IBM Watson IoT Platform adds Advanced Security capability and price plan.

IBM is introducing new Advanced Security IoT service capabilities that extend Watson IoT Platform with Threat Intelligence for IoT.

Managing IoT devices with Kafka and MQTT

This post will illustrate the implementation of a realistic mobility scenario where an application (mobility manager) coordinates the movement of many mobile devices in real time. The mobility manager subscribes to a Kafka topic from which it continuously retrieves incoming events produced by a configured set of devices. The application controls each device by publishing a Kafka message that is ultimately routed to the MQTT topic associated to that device.

Six reasons to take IoT for Electronics Starter for a spin

Six great reasons that IoT for Electronics is the best place to trial, pilot, and jump-start your electronics Internet of Things product launch.

IoT Enabled Smart Parking Meter

In large public places and shopping malls, it can often be quite irritating for visitors to drive around in search of a vacant parking spot. During busy hours or on weekends, this can cause an additional lead time in getting in and out of the parking area. This blog post will demonstrate how to build a prototype of an IoT-enabled smart parking meter application using IBM Bluemix and PubNub. This application can assist the driver in reserving a parking space and the system can also automatically track billing based on the driver’s actions when the vehicle pulls in or out of the space.

Smart traffic management for connected cars using Watson IoT and Node-RED

Imagine you are the controller of road traffic in your town. Wouldn’t it be nice to set up an app which automatically directs cars to slow down when they enter a residential zone, or if it is raining in that area? What if you could reduce the number of cars that wander into your residential neighborhood? How about telling cars to slow down and turn around if they are approaching the scene of an accident? What if you could do all this without leaving the comfort of your home office?