World of Watson: Bluemix sessions that you don’t want to miss

World of Watson kicks off on the 24th of October! Whether you’re going to be there in person or if you’re going to be joining the conference through the IBM app, we’ll be covering everything that you need to know about Bluemix and the conference right here. This post will whet your appetite for some of the sessions that are available to conference attendees and are special interest to Bluemix developers.

5 reasons developers can’t afford to miss Watson DevCon

The countdown to the first-ever Watson Developer Conference is on. In less than one month, developers, students and entrepreneurs will be coming to the Innovation Hangar in San Francisco to learn how to drive innovation through cognitive app development. I’m here to give you a behind-the-scenes look.

UK Lab Campus launches with a Festival of Innovation

To celebrate the re-brand and launch of the UK Lab Campus, IBM held a Festival of Innovation on September 14, 2016. Hundreds of people attended, including clients, business partners, academics, students, schools and the press – plus IBMers from across our many lab sites and beyond.

Webinar: How to Build Analytic Apps with Cloudant

Watch a comprehensive end-to-end demonstration of the integration features within Cloudant, a NoSQL DBaaS. Learn how Cloudant’s integration features can be used in real-life use cases like machine learning, predictive analytics, Graph-parallel computation and more.

Webinar: The one thing you need to optimize your hybrid cloud

When was the last time you stopped to think about how you’re managing your application environments? You know what I mean... questions like “how do I set up and manage our dev/test and production environments across our hybrid cloud,” and “how fast can I move my application environments from a public cloud to my private cloud, seamlessly, with no errors?” If these are a few questions that have been on your mind lately, read further.

VMworld 2016 in Barcelona – get the latest on IBM Cloud

On October 17th through October 20th, IBM and leaders across the IT industry will be at VMworld 2016 Europe in Barcelona, Spain to collaborate and get the latest insights on the industry. The conference in Barcelona promises no shortage of activities and excitement with topics from cloud, devops, automation, virtualization, and much more.

Watson DevCon: Flash Talks 101

Did you make your business case for Watson DevCon yet? If you have, I can’t wait to meet you. If you haven’t, keep reading.

With GitHub Enterprise on Bluemix Dedicated, there’s no worry

Much of what our squad works on is automation to provision and configure primary and replica GitHub Enterprise VMs, an on-site backup VM, and an off-site EVault backup, all hosted by SoftLayer.

I’m going to the Watson Developer Conference and why you should, too

We, at Watson, have abstracted the complex machine learning away, empowering developers with APIs for more than 15 cognitive services publicly available on the Watson Developer Cloud. The widespread availability of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms is fueling the rate at which novel applications are being developed. As a result, the future of this cognitive era will help solve even the most difficult problems.

Webinar: Using IBM Cloud & Watson Health Core to Engage with Patients and Partners

As patients, we expect to receive the highest quality of care in an efficient manner. The reality is, healthcare organizations, both payers and providers, are burdened with gargantuan sized challenges that hinder their abilities to meet customer expectations. The pressure to reduce costs, the increasing incidence and cost of chronic diseases, rising regulatory complexity are ongoing problems. So how can the healthcare industry help patients and partners alike? The answer is IBM cloud technology.

Sibos 2016: IBM at the World’s Premier Event for Financial Services Industry

From September 26th through the 29th the leaders in the financial services industry will convene in Geneva Switzerland at the Sibos conference to collaborate and take action in payments, securities, cash management and trade. IBM has paved the way in the financial services industry by helping clients create personalized experiences, balance costs with agility and improve risk management – and will showcase these capabilities and much more at the event.

Making the business case for Watson DevCon

As conference season gears up, most of us busy making plans and our shortlist for the rest of 2016. Much of that pre-planning involves securing the budget and making the business case for attendance. From actual conference cost to securing budget for travel, the road to getting sign off can be a tough one. Although often challenging, it is not impossible!