Jason McGee

The Benefits of Going Cloud Native

As we look forward to CloudNativeCon/KubeCon next week, it’s inspiring to review how Kubernetes and containers have grown and evolved over the past few years.

Developing tomorrow’s applications in the open with containers

How will developers build applications over the next 10 years? The question is simple. The answer—not so much.

hack.summit “mood ring” demo

hack.summit was a virtual event spanning Feb. 22nd – 24th 2016 featuring programming language creators, open-source contributors and thought leaders. As part of my talk, I built a demo to showcase the ideas I was discussing with Microservices. My hack.summit “mood ring” demo, built on IBM Bluemix, used Docker containers and services to display a real-time dashboard of the “tone” of the summit based on the Twitter hashtag #hacksummit.

IBM and GitHub team to advance development of next generation cloud applications

Today, I am happy to share with you an exciting new partnership with GitHub that will enable our clients to deliver the next generation of cloud applications at higher velocities across secure private and hybrid environments without having to worry about the overhead of running infrastructure.

Four reasons to pay attention to Apache Mesos

What a difference a year makes! While MesosCon 2015 was still a relatively small conference, it tripled in size since 2014. The buzz around Mesos has steadily grown and MesosCon demonstrated that clearly.

LinuxCon and defining the new software stack for cloud native apps

As I head out to Seattle for LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen + MesosCon, I’m especially interested in the content and discussions around containers given containers are completely transforming the Cloud and IT Landscape at all levels.

Containers: the Answer to Modern Development Demands

This week IBM is announcing production support for IBM Containers as a part of Bluemix. IBM Containers is a full runtime and management environment that enables a developer to host his Docker containers in the cloud. Unlike container support from other cloud providers, IBM Containers does not require a developer to manage virtual machines, Docker hosts or any other infrastructure to support his containers. Developers can simply focus on managing and running their container images. IBM Containers provides private image repositories for added privacy and high performance hosting of running container based applications for even the most demanding applications.

Bluemix Launches IBM Containers Beta Based on Docker

At DockerCon Europe today we announced the availability of the beta of our new IBM container service on Bluemix. Get Started with IBM Containers