Christopher Rosen

Kubernetes now available on IBM Bluemix Container Service

Today IBM has released a beta of Kubernetes support in the IBM Bluemix Container Service. The IBM Bluemix Container Service, now combines Docker and Kubernetes to deliver powerful tools, an intuitive user experience, and built-in security and isolation to enable rapid delivery of applications all while leveraging Cloud Services including cognitive capabilities from Watson

IBM Containers Now Available in Bluemix Local and Bluemix Dedicated

IBM is proud to announce the availability of IBM Containers within IBM Bluemix Local and IBM Bluemix Dedicated instances beginning August 30, 2016. IBM Containers is a fully managed Containers as a Service (CaaS) offering built on open-source Docker technology.

DockerCon 2016 and the future of containers – 5 areas to watch

Fascinating to reflect on how near container technology has come to the mainstream in such a short time. Containers have become a vital part of application deployment and application management. This growth will likely continue, so as we look toward the future of container technology, here are five areas to watch.

Solutions to 9 Critical Decisions for Running Docker in Production

James Higginbotham published a blog titled “9 Critical Decisions for Running Docker in Production”. The blog discussed several important aspects to consider as small and large companies begin their container adoption strategy. I wanted to provide technical capabilities offered within IBM Containers that should be considered as solutions for each of these nine critical decisions.

New deployment architecture for IBM Containers

We are excited to announce a new deployment architecture for IBM Containers running on Bluemix. This new architecture will dramatically improve stability and reliability of the public cloud offering. New users and new spaces for existing users are automatically running in this environment beginning April 11, 2016. We will migrate existing Bluemix spaces on May 9, 2016. You have two options for this migration.

Performance Without Limits 2.0 on IBM Cloud

John Foley is a high performance Blue Angels pilot whose mantra of “Glad to be here” was what over 50 midmarket attendees felt after this presentation covering IBM Cloud, mobile, containers, and Bluemix.

IBM Containers Launch in London

IBM Containers launched in the Bluemix United Kingdom region September 29, 2015, giving users access to enterprise-grade container technology based on Docker. IBM Containers availability in London denotes an important milestone for customers that face data sovereignty issues, security concerns, and WAN latency. Several highly regulated industries, such as banking, insurance, and healthcare are required to keep the data within the European Union.