IBM Wins 2018 Global VMware Partner Innovation Award

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IBM Cloud has been awarded the 2018 Global VMware Partner Innovation Award

I’m excited to share the news that IBM Cloud was awarded the 2018 Global VMware Partner Innovation Award for the Integrate Public Cloud category at this week’s VMware Partnership Leadership Summit. IBM Cloud is no stranger to being recognized as a top global partner of VMware; just last year, IBM Cloud won the VMware 2017 Partner of the Year award.

VMware and IBM: A strong history and partnership

With this new award fresh in our minds, it seems like a good time to reflect on some of the key highlights from IBM’s partnership with VMware.

  • IBM Cloud has more than 10 years of experience managing, designing, and deploying VMware infrastructure, with some of the largest VM deployments under management.
  • IBM Cloud provides greater choice by letting you transform and migrate your on-premise VMs using vSphere and vCenterServer to the cloud—the only major cloud provider to do so.
  • We understand the need for greater control and, as such, provide root access.
  • IBM Cloud also enables a fully automated, managed global architecture for mission-critical VMware workloads targeting 99.99% availability with automated failovers.
  • We provide consistent access to VMware infrastructure and operations through a global network of more than 60 data centers in 19 countries, with no data transfer fees.
  • Through the combination of technology with VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) and expertise with IBM Cloud Migration Factory, IBM has completed more than 100,000 migrations.
  • To help accelerate hybrid cloud adoption and digital transformation, VMware and IBM Cloud announced the formation of a Joint Innovation Lab.
  • The VMware and IBM partnership has helped thousands of enterprises like American Airlines, Osram, Westpac, and Honeywell migrate and modernize their applications.

We’re just hitting our stride with what is possible in the cloud

While this award is further validation we’re on the right track, we continue to work closely with VMware and its partners to look for innovative ways to help clients get the most out of their data and their investment in cloud technologies.

With IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, clients can:

  • Consolidate and optimize data center footprint: Enjoy cost savings while eliminating aging infrastructure, addressing resource constraints and demand spikes with increased capacity, or consolidating multiple on-premise data centers.
  • Proactively protect data: Guard against future disasters, minimize unexpected downtime, and utilize a multi-zone infrastructure designed for the high availability of mission-critical workloads.
  • Modernize existing on-prem applications: Use built-in container integration to make a faster, easier move to the cloud and, once there, transform and modernize applications with services like Watson AI, security, IoT, analytics, and blockchain.

Experience IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions yourself; try the new single-node trial for migration and application modernization.

IBMers at the VMware Partnership Leadership Summit, left to right: Dave Simpson (WW Sales VP, IBM Cloud Platform); Laura Scott (NA Sales VP, IBM Cloud Platform); Brendan Kinkade (VP Strategic Partners, IBM Cloud); Zane Adam (VP, IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions); Jim Olson (IBM Distinguished Engineer—GTS TI&A Storage)

Vice President, Marketing - IBM Cloud Platform

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