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Istio is Red Hot and in the Spotlight at Think 2019

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Istio is here to simplify administration and management of container-based applications

As organizations transition from monolithic applications to microservices architectures, they often find it challenging to manage all the components. Key requirements like security, traffic control, resiliency, monitoring, metrics, and logging can become more difficult due to the number of components deployed for large-scale applications. Complexity increases further when microservices-based applications run on multiple clouds and privately managed private clouds.

Enter Istio. Istio is a new open-source project designed to simplify administration and management of container-based applications. Istio helps manage container-based applications at scale and run on multiple clusters, across multiple locations.

It’s been a big year for Istio:

  • Istio 1.0 was released by IBM, Google, and Lyft
  • Enterprises began adopting Istio
  • New features were added to Istio to help organizations connect, manage, secure, and scale their microservices environments

Istio at Think 2019

IBM Cloud will host several Istio sessions at IBM Think 2019 in San Francisco, February 12-15, 2019, with expert speakers, a lab experience, customer examples, and time for your questions.

These sessions will provide a solid technical overview of the Istio project. We’ll discuss what’s new in Istio, some unique features IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service has to support Istio, and how customers can take advantage of Istio, Kubernetes, and IBM Cloud together.

Sessions include the following:

* IBM Think conference InnerCircle sessions are restricted to InnerCircle participants and require a confidential disclosure agreement. InnerCircle is an inclusive event for C-level, senior executives, technical leaders, and practitioners. Contact your IBM account rep or email for details.

** Speakers and sessions are subject to change.  Please confirm using the Think conference Session Expert.

IBM solution

IBM offers Istio, managed Kubernetes services, and the know-how to help organizations deploy container-based applications at scale, in cloud and on-premise environments.

Istio helps customers meet complex requirements, such as A/B testing, canary releases, rate limiting, policy enforcement, access control, and end-to-end authentication.

Istio forms a mesh network across multiple Kubernetes clusters. Istio multi-cluster capabilities include enabling multiple Kubernetes control planes, running remote configurations, to connect to one Istio control plane.

In my experience, client benefits of deploying Istio include the following:

  • Managing microservices at scale, across cloud and on-premises environments
  • Centralizing microservice policy management
  • Securing microservice-based applications without relying on security experts
  • Capturing metrics, logs, and traces across microservices without building a complex management infrastructure

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