Deploying to IBM Cloud Environments with IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI

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Deploying to IBM Cloud Environments with IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI

IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI is a command line tool to simplify the creation, development, and deployment of applications to IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Private environments. The CLI provides an abstraction to these environments to homogenize your experience with them. This post and the video below will guide you through deploying to these environments using IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI version 2.1.12.

Prerequisite steps

Depending on which environment you choose for deployment, there are some prerequisite steps to do.

Deployment to IBM Cloud requires the following:

  1. Install IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI.
  2. Have an account on IBM Cloud.
  3. Create a Kubernetes cluster in IBM Cloud.

Deployment to IBM Cloud Private requires the following:

  1. Install IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI.
  2. Have access to an IBM Cloud Private instance.
  3. Configure your client system for interaction with the IBM Cloud Private instance. These articles will assist you depending on the version of IBM Cloud Private you are using:

With these prerequisites in place, you’re ready for deployment as the video demonstrates.

Lead Developer, IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI

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