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Certified IT Consultants Goes the Extra Mile for Clients

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Certified IT Consultants offers SAP solutions on IBM Cloud

Certified IT Consultants (CIC) is an SAP implementation partner with a difference. Sixteen years ago, CIC was one of SAP’s very first local partners in the Middle East. Today, we serve some of the largest enterprises in the region across the booming construction, real estate, and oil and gas industries. Always seeking to harness the latest technologies to improve client services, CIC now offers SAP solutions hosted in the IBM® Cloud™.

Giving clients more

Certified IT Consultants (CIC) handles all things SAP for our clients, acting as a single point-of-contact for everything from infrastructure to licensing. Our company’s comprehensive offering includes implementation, migration, training, maintenance, and support services.

To help clients get the most from their SAP investment, CIC is always eager to adopt the latest technologies and take advantage of innovation. Cloud computing was one such innovation, and we knew it represented a golden opportunity for our clients.

Our clients usually relied exclusively on on-premise infrastructure to run their SAP solutions. We worked with several hardware vendors, delivering and installing the infrastructure in clients’ data centers as part of our SAP implementation service. On-premises management took a lot of time—time to acquire the hardware, time to install and configure it, and time to manage it.

Cutting time-to-market with the cloud

To boost agility, shorten time-to-market, and reduce the time and effort spent on maintenance, we wanted to start hosting clients’ SAP environments on the cloud rather than on premises.

We selected IBM Cloud for SAP Applications as the basis for our new offering because we wanted the peace of mind that came with a fully managed service. IBM takes care of everything. We simply select the most suitable SLA—from 99.5 to 99.9 percent availability—for each client environment. Having best-in-class SLAs backed by a world-renowned company like IBM gives us and our clients so much confidence in the service.

Another attraction of the IBM Cloud was the impressive range of platform services it allows us to offer. IBM provides a full suite of solutions, from Infrastructure-as-a-Service to mobile and cognitive services.

Changing the game

When we launched our new cloud offering, we encountered some resistance from clients wary of hosting their most critical business applications in the cloud. They were accustomed to storing data on physical servers on premises, and many had concerns about data availability and security. We explained that our service would be backed not by just any cloud provider, but by IBM. IBM’s reputation as a technology leader and experienced cloud provider convinced clients to make the move, giving them confidence that their SAP environments would be in good hands.

With IBM Cloud for SAP Applications, we can offer clients extremely high availability—much higher than if the client’s SAP applications were hosted with on-premises hardware in their data center or at our co-location site. We can deliver a more reliable service and scale client environments much more flexibly because additional cloud resources are available on demand.

Since we no longer need to worry about underlying infrastructure, we can set up new client environments up to 25 percent faster. IBM Cloud for SAP Applications has made life much easier for our employees, who can now focus their time and energy on supporting clients in other ways.

Looking ahead to a bright future

We have already begun offering clients additional services from the IBM Cloud portfolio, including IBM Watson® AI and machine-learning solutions. For example, we recently built a virtual assistant for a client to automate their customer support services. The chatbot answers common queries, relieving pressure on the support team. This new solution enabled the company to reduce the size of the support team by 50 percent, freeing employees to work on more valuable tasks.

We feel that IBM Cloud for SAP Applications has given us a real competitive advantage when it comes to our core competencies. Now we’re looking forward to exploring how we can improve client services even more with the help of innovative add-on IBM Cloud platform services.

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