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Application Modernization with IBM Cloud Private at Think 2019

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Real-life application modernization experiences using IBM Cloud Private

Many organizations are modernizing their IT applications. Modernization involves much more than migrating to containers. In my experience, customers need and appreciate prescriptive guidance on how to modernize end-to-end.

To achieve the desired outcomes, customers may need to think differently about their IT challenges. For example:

  • IT Leaders should promote a DevOps culture around both infrastructure and containerized applications.
  • Application owners should understand which applications can be containerized effectively and which ones need to be rewritten.
  • Architects should focus on building end-to-end DevOps processes for deploying container-based applications, such as Docker. That usually means creating YAML-based configurations, integrating with continuous testing, security scanning, and so forth.
  • Operations teams should understand how to create highly reliable service platforms, such as Kubernetes, and use Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) disciplines.

Application modernization sessions at IBM Think 2019

There are several “must-see” application modernization sessions featured at the IBM Think 2019 conference in San Francisco, February 12-15, 2019. My session will provide an overview of how to establish a modernization foundation, based on real-world customer examples. It will be followed by detailed sessions in each area. Topics include Kubernetes, DevOps, SRE, containerizing applications, and solutioning.

These sessions will be delivered by IBM Cloud Private Expert Lab Consultants and Solution Engineers. We’re focused on using proven formulas for helping clients modernize their enterprises.

  • Application Modernization Technical Strategy, InnerCircle Pre-conference session 5145, by Eric Herness and Ryan Claussen
  • App Modernization in Real Life: Learn from IBM Solution Architects Who Have Been There, InnerCircle pre-conference session 3196, moderated by Roland Barcia
  • Platform Modernization Considerations and Practical Approaches, InnerCircle session 2137, by Jeffrey Kwong and Gang Chen
  • Practical Application Modernization for Enterprise Java workloads, InnerCircle session 3783, by Dave Mulley, Yaro Dunchych and Rick Osowski
  • Cloud Service Management and Operations – Health, Care, Availability and Performance of Applications, InnerCircle session 3832, by Robert Barron and Ray Stoner
  • Use automated DevOps toolchain to deploy Cloud Native application to IBM Cloud Private, InnerCircle session 5361, by Fabio Gomez and Hollis Chui

* IBM Think conference InnerCircle sessions are restricted to InnerCircle participants and require a confidential disclosure agreement. InnerCircle is an inclusive event for C-level, senior executives, technical leaders, and practitioners. Contact your IBM account rep or email for details.

** Speakers and sessions are subject to change.  Please confirm using the Think conference Session Expert.

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