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What’s Included in the IBM Cloud Developer Tools Version 2.1.12

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IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI Version 2.1.12 features

I’m pleased to announce the latest version of IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI. Below is a summary of additional features this version provides.

Improved IBM Cloud Private deployment support

With this release, the deploy command now extends its IBM Cloud Private support to IBM Cloud Private 3.1. There are no changes to the configuration in cli-config.yml or the actual use of the command. For more details see “Deploying to IBM Cloud Private 3.1 with IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI.”

Further, deploy now provides simplified support of deployment to namespaces in IBM Cloud Private other than the default namespace. When you specify the deploy-image-targeteither through the cli-config.yml or interactively through the command line, specify the namespace to use. Make sure that when you configure your client, the kubectl setup on the client uses the same namespace. The article “Deploying to IBM Cloud Private 3.1 with IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI” has these details.

Tools container root user override

In this release, we’ve added a new cli-config.yml option to allow forcing the tools container to use the root user on Linux and Mac, rather than the operating system user on the host system. By default, when you build or otherwise use the tools container, the user from your local workstation is injected into the container. This ensures that any files created in the use of the tools container will also be usable outside of the container on your system.

With this new option, the root user will be used instead in the tools container. You can specify this on the command line with --use-root-user-tools or in the cli-config.yml as below:

use-root-user-tools : true

Getting started with this release

Install the release: For a new install of IBM Cloud Developer CLI, follow the instructions at this link. If you have previously installed, you can update your dev plug-in with this command:
ibmcloud plugin update dev

Develop an app: Create or enable your first app by following this tutorial.

For assistance, please submit questions to the author of this article. You can reach the development team in the #developer-tools channel of this Slack. You can request access to this Slack channel here

Lead Developer, IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI

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