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Updates from VMworld Europe 2018: Advancing Hybrid Cloud Adoption with IBM and VMware

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New solutions from IBM Cloud and VMware at VMworld Europe 2018

At VMworld Europe today, IBM Cloud and VMware announced a number of new solutions and capabilities. Throughout the week, we will host multiple sessions to share more information on the features and solutions now available from IBM Cloud.


New hybrid cloud capabilities

Since the start of the strategic partnership in 2016, IBM Cloud and VMware have focused on simplifying and accelerating hybrid cloud adoption. This year at VMworld Europe, not only are we simplifying the migration and extension of clients’ VMware workloads to the public cloud, but we are continuing to jointly develop new solutions that enable clients to adopt cloud wherever they are in their journey.

Today, we announced new advancements that enable clients to easily modernize their existing applications with Kubernetes and containers, regardless of whether they are deployed on-premise, in the public cloud, or in the private cloud. This includes the launch of IBM Cloud Private Hosted on VMware vCenter Server and the integration of the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions. IBM and VMware are bringing together containers and VMs so that they can take existing apps to the next level with high-value cloud services. To find out more about this announcement, read our VMware application modernization blog post.

VMworld Europe 2018

VMworld Europe announcements

In addition, IBM Cloud and VMware launched a highly available and fully managed global cloud architecture to support mission-critical VMware workloads on the IBM Cloud. This architecture will be fully managed by IBM Services and can be deployed across IBM Cloud’s 18 availability zones, located in six regions across the U.S. (Washington, D.C., and Dallas, Texas), Europe (London and Frankfurt) and Asia-Pacific (Tokyo and Sydney).

Smaller starting configuration and storage savings

Clients have asked for a smaller starting configuration as they adopt the public cloud and look to move their VMware workloads to from their on-premise data centers to the cloud. We have now made available VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud as a single-tenant service that delivers at VMware software-defined data centers. This smaller starting configuration offers a lower entry point to experience the benefits of hybrid cloud. In addition, we reduced prices for select tiers of File (NFS) Storage and expanded the maximum size supported. Specifically, we are lowering the price for new volumes provisioned in 0.25, 2, and 4 IOPS tiers. The new prices are effective worldwide immediately and offer cost savings of up to 40% for 0.25 IOPS tier, 25% for 2 IOPs tier, and 43% for 4 IOPS tiers. Go here to get more information about the single node vCenter Server configuration and IBM Cloud File Storage.

New cloud backup storage tier for VMs

We announced for preview that Veeam on IBM Cloud will support IBM Cloud Object Storage with its highly anticipated Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4 release. With this coming update, customers will be able to utilize Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 to integrate with IBM Cloud Object Storage (as well as IBM Object Storage with on-premise systems) as a scale-out repository for their long-term backup storage. View the details here.

New vRealize Operations for IBM Power

The announcements at VMworld Europe extended to include IBM Power with VMware vRealize Operations. We are excited to announce the general availability of VMware vRealize Operations for Power, a new VMware solution made possible through a strategic partnership with IBM and Blue Medora. With this solution, vRealize Operations is able to manage Power servers by leveraging Blue Medora management packs to help produce a single pane of glass for customers’ data centers spanning both x86 and IBM Power hardware. Start here to get all the details.

Bringing Watson to VMware global support

IBM and VMware are integrating Watson, including Watson Assistant and Machine Learning, into the MyVMware support portal to transform customer support. Instead of static drop-downs, all VMware clients needing technical support can now leverage Watson capabilities to quickly and easily communicate with the portal in natural language. Watson will detect product type and version, analyze issue types, issue cases, and identify entities with a confidence level, and match those issues with a recommended engineer for faster resolution, helping to improve the customer support experience. Click here to read the details.

Check out the IBM @ VMworld Europe website for more details on our full list of sessions, content, and activities.


Vice President, Marketing - IBM Cloud Platform

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