Six Key Sessions to Roll into Your KubeCon 2018 Schedule

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Cloud-native development is a solution to the digital business problem of competing in markets in which delivering customer-centric application experiences at increasing speed is table stakes. Using a microservices architecture, establishing and improving DevOps practices and processes within small, agile teams, and leveraging platform technologies to keep the focus on improving applications (instead of managing infrastructure) are the three cloud-native dev basics.

More specifically, developing and scaling microservices and accelerating DevOps in Kubernetes environments has quickly become fundamental to cloud-native application development across major cloud platforms. Many teams lack that expertise and are actively gaining experience. Tutorials on building apps on Kubernetes are a good way to start.

Build a scalable web app

Here are six sessions at KubeCon 2018 (December 10–13, 2018) that address crucial technical challenges for dev organizations already doing or planning to do cloud-native development with Kubernetes.

Managing microservices

Panel Discussion: Ask Us Anything: Microservices and Service Mesh: Jason McGee (IBM Fellow, CTO of IBM Cloud) and team will be available to go deep on microservices and managing their complexity at scale.

DevOps security

Building Security into Kubernetes Deployment Pipelines: In this tutorial, co-presenters Michael Hough (Software Engineer, IBM), Andrew Martin (Co-founder, ControlPlane), Pi Unnerup (Infrastructure Engineer, ControlPlane), and Liam White (Software Engineer, Tetrate), using Notary, admission controllers, and vulnerability scanning, provide hands-on experience with integrating image signing and vulnerability scanning into a pipeline, and configuring Kubernetes to enforce security policies and image integrity.

Enabling and integrating event-driven workloads

Machine Learning, Model Serving, and Pipeline using KNative: Tommy Li (Software Developer, IBM) and Animesh Singh (STSM, AI Platform, IBM) show how to leverage AI and event-driven technologies to automate and iteratively improve DevOps processes.

Keynote: The Unification of Containers, Apps and Functions: Jason McGee (IBM Fellow, CTO of IBM Cloud) points the way towards a convergence Kubernetes users know cannot come soon enough.

Facilitating multicloud deployments

Tech markets are indicating the future will be multicloud. Two sessions are worth your attention in this regard.

How Standards, Specifications, and Runtimes Make for Better Containers: In their session, Chris Aniszczyk (COO, CNCF), Jeffrey Borek (Director, Open Technology, IBM), and Rithu Leena John (Senior Software Engineer, Lyft) discuss the need for an evolution of container standards.

Extending Load Balancer Using CRD in Different Kubernetes Cloud Providers: Srinivas Brahmaroutu (Software Engineer, IBM) and Wei Huang (Open Source Developer, IBM) discuss the efficiency and versatility of using a Custom Resource Definition to share load balancers within and across clouds platforms.

Keep up with the event to hear about new released features on the IBM Kubernetes Service.

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