IBM Cloud Expands Availability of its Intel® Xeon® 2600 v3 Family Bare Metal Servers Closeout Pricing Promotion

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IBM Cloud expanded bare metal servers close-out pricing promotion

IBM Cloud is expanding the data centers and inventory included in its current Intel® Xeon® 2600 v3 family bare metal servers close-out pricing promotion. Until inventory is depleted, customers can order any of the following server configurations for 50% off the IBM Cloud list price from the following worldwide data centers: AMS01, CHE01, DAL09, DAL10, HOU02, LON02, LON04, MEX01, MIL01, SJC01, SNG01, SYD01, WDC01, and WDC04.

And while some limitations apply, this special promotion can add-up to thousands of dollars saved for all customers!

Intel® Xeon® 2600 bare metal servers can be ordered in any of the following configurations:

How to order

Intel® Xeon® 2600 v3 family bare metal servers can be ordered by clicking here and selecting the 2600 v3 server that best meets your workload needs. Choose from Intel 2620, 2650, and 2690 processors with a minimum of 128 GB of RAM and up to 12 internal drives of your choice. After clicking on the Buy Now button and configuring your server options, use the promotion code 2600FORLESS to get your 50% off.

To get more information on IBM Cloud bare metal servers powered by Intel Xeon 2600 v3 family processors or to order over the phone, customers can call their IBM Sales Representative or dial 1-800-426-4968.

Promotion limitations

Close-out pricing for Intel® Xeon® 2600 v3 family bare metal servers applies to monthly billed servers only—hourly servers are not eligible for this promotion. In addition, customers must order servers from one of the following locations: AMS01, CHE01, DAL09, DAL10, HOU02, LON02, LON04, MEX01, MIL01, SJC01, SNG01, SYD01, WDC01, and WDC04.

Customers may order as many Intel® Xeon® 2600 v3 bare metal servers as they like as long as inventory is available. Once inventory is depleted, customer orders for 2600 v3 family servers will not be honored.

When ordering Intel® Xeon® 2600 v3 bare metal servers, customers must order a minimum of 128GB RAM. In addition, customers may order any amount of storage, hardware, or software options they wish, but discount pricing will only apply to processor and RAM—all other add-ons will be sold at list price.

Additional promotions or discounts cannot be applied to this close-out promotion.

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