Migrating IBM Watson Service Instances from VLAN to VRF

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IBM Watson network routing updates on November 10, 2018

The IBM Watson Platform will be making some changes to our network routing principles across all data centers. In order to make it easier to connect to private endpoints and the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), we will be automatically changing all accounts to support Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF). VRF allows for increased network security where network paths are segmented without using multiple devices.

What does this mean?

As mentioned, the Watson services will be shifting to Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF). Currently leveraging Virtual LAN (VLAN), this shift will simultaneously allow multiple instances of IP routing while the network paths are segmented. In every region, all Watson associated accounts will be automatically migrated in development, staging, and production environments.

Key service date

The automated shift from VLAN to VRF will result in a 30-minute outage across all regions. During the maintenance window, all workloads will be affected since network connectivity to the services will be shut down.

This maintenance window will be Saturday, November 10 from 5:00 PM US Eastern to 5:30 PM US Eastern in order to minimize impact to you and your customers’ workloads.

Note: This outage will only affect Public and Premium Deployments.


Offering Manager | Watson Platform - Premium Offerings

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