Increase Your Observability in the Cloud: IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA

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The importance of integrated logging

Integrated logging in a Public Cloud is core to application development and operations. Modern microservice workloads expedite application and function delivery and can grow increasingly complex to debug and maintain. Workload observability and tight integration within the cloud is paramount.

Native Cloud providers offer easy configuration and tighter access management. Vendor Log Management Services offer tools for advanced data insights and search. The convergence of these abilities into a centralized logging system presents the opportunity to reduce the complexity while increasing insights from expedited delivery, all from within the same data center to maintain data locality.

IBM Cloud is evolving and beginning a new logging journey with Log Analysis

IBM Cloud and LogDNA are excited to be working together to offer an enhanced logging experience with IBM Log Analysis with Log DNA, which offers collection and search services with a tightly integrated LogDNA service. Together, we endeavor to bring the best of native cloud integration with a Log Management Service solution, making it easier for users to query, file, and gain insight from log data.

IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA helps solve a challenging problem—keeping up with logging in Kubernetes or logging in Containers environments. Offering highlights at launch will include the following:

  • GDPR and data sovereignty for log data—keep any sensitive data in the region of your choice
  • Integration with IBM Cloud authentication
  • Enterprise-grade HA
  • An intuitive and easy-to-configure system
  • Node-level and cluster-level logging

More about LogDNA

LogDNA is a centralized log management service with blazing fast search, intuitive query language, and smart alerting that gives developers and operations engineers the ability to find issues fast. LogDNA’s full suite of log tools, including live streaming tail and filtering coupled with flexible dashboarding, allow users to gain application and operational insights.

LogDNA’s search services will offer selectable plans for search retention. Clients may select 7-, 14-, and 30-day retention periods, allowing users and teams to quick query recent log data.  These premium retention plans further enable users’ ability to build dashboards summarizing collected data. Clients can also alert to popular ChatOPS tools such as Slack and PagerDuty and archive to IBM Cloud Storage for long-term retention and compliance. LogDNA simplifies log collection from sources outside of IBM Cloud with the LogDNA agent and provides support for popular third-party agents from FluentD and Elastic. At launch, LogDNA will be hosted in the US-South region, with more global regions to go online thereafter.

Coming soon to IBM Cloud

Our upcoming updates for logging in IBM Cloud will enable developers and IT Ops teams to detect and debug problems quickly in their increasingly complex environments. We look forward to sharing more exciting features on this journey together. In the meantime, take a moment to explore the IBM Cloud catalog and the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.


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