IBM Launches CIS Enterprise Plans to Improve the Performance of Enterprise Workloads

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Market-leading security without sacrificing performance

Striking the right balance between speed of innovation and strength of security is one of the greatest challenges for any enterprise’s journey to the cloud. This balance especially is needed in networking, where it’s imperative to grow and to adopt the latest technologies while simultaneously protecting your critical workloads, data, and investments.

It’s challenging to achieve the right security posture without sacrificing performance. Historically, tradeoffs between these two considerations have been unavoidable. And with the average cost of a US data breach now exceeding $7 million, businesses must protect their workloads, data, and investments from increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats.

Introducing IBM Cloud Internet Services Enterprise Plans

With our new Enterprise Plans, IBM Cloud Internet Services (CIS) brings increased options for market-leading security AND performance to Internet applications running on IBM Cloud. The IBM Cloud Internet Services Enterprise Plans boost the performance of Enterprise workloads (including websites, web applications, API endpoints, and more) in the following ways:

  • Accelerate application performance
  • Improve mobile experiences
  • Ensure application availability

The CIS Enterprise Plans protect these same workloads against online threats, including:

  • Large and sophisticated DDoS attacks
  • Customer data breaches
  • Malicious bot abuse

IBM Cloud CIS Enterprise Plans leverage Cloudflare’s global Anycast network of 154 data centers, with a capacity of 20 Tbps across 74 countries. With a few simple clicks or commands from within a single portal or API, you can create a faster, more secure Internet experience.

For large enterprise customers, the IBM CIS Enterprise Plans offer enhanced functionality:


  • Advanced WAF support with Custom WAF rules. This flexibility enables enterprises to tailor their protection in ways appropriate for the application, the website, or the API endpoints they are securing.
  • Rate limiting further enhances website or API endpoint security, and it prevents brute-force attacks.
  • Increased number of firewall rules compared to the Standard Plan.


  • Higher Limits are available for load balancers, pools, and origins, compared to the Standard Plan.
  • Smart Routing with Argo, which leverages Cloudflare’s Global POPs and backbone to route traffic back to its origin instead of relying on the Internet. While routing traffic with the Standard Plan is fast, this feature is exclusive to the Enterprise Plan, and it significantly improves global content delivery.
    • Smart Routing reduces Internet latency on average by 35% and connection errors by 27%.


  • Multi-domain support within the UI and API to consolidate and simplify the operational management of capabilities while adhering to Enterprise governance requirements.

Additional governance features coming soon include the following:

  • Role-based access control, which allows granular access management that limits access to services to appropriately authorized users.
  • Enterprise & Audit logs of traffic and WAF/IP blocks for enhanced compliance and governance.
  • Integration with QRadar, IBM’s acclaimed security information and event management tool (SIEM).

Give IBM Cloud Internet Services a try

Customers choose IBM not only for our industry leadership in AI, Blockchain, IoT, and more, but also for our ever-improving networking and security capabilities. Learning more is easy. Test out the CIS Enterprise Plan with our usage plan.

For more information, visit IBM Cloud Internet Services and learn why IBM Cloud is the cloud for business.

Offering Management, IBM Cloud Network

Jay Kidambi

Architect, Cloud Networking Services

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