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What Are Industry Analysts Saying About Cloud-Native Development?

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The importance of delivering cloud-native offerings

Industry analysts informally advise business leaders by providing perspective on technology trends within a larger context. Like a healthy open source community (that evolves core projects to benefit foundational needs with broad relevance), a good industry analyst cuts through market spin to advocate for an understanding that enables clear decision-making.

Gartner analyst Craig Lowery covers cloud technology. The title of his recent white paper states his point of view on cloud-native development in the form of an imperative: Why You Must Begin Delivering Cloud-Native Offerings Today, Not Tomorrow.

Adopting and practicing cloud-native development

We asked Craig Lowery to comment in more detail on adopting and practicing cloud-native development.

Watch the whole program or use the time markers to access one of the specific topics:

  • Getting core cloud benefits (0:48)
  • Finding the expertise (3:17)
  • Keys to modernizing apps (4:45)
  • Using advanced services (AI, IoT, Blockchain) (7:40)
  • Creating customer-centric DevOps (9:29)

For market incumbents, figuring out how to modernize critical business applications is an urgent challenge. So we asked an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member, Van Staub, to do a practical demonstration. In 10 minutes (beginning @ 12:49), Van gives you an idea of how using the cloud-native development model can quickly yield value for users of existing apps.

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