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Explore and Quote Compute Services More Conveniently Than Ever

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Freely explore IBM Cloud compute services

The ability to freely and conveniently explore Compute infrastructure is critical when you’re determining what services and providers are right for your enterprise. We are excited to announce that all users can now navigate to our IBM Cloud compute services without the need for an IBM Cloud account.

You can also create, save, and share service quotes. This gives your enterprise’s purchase decision-maker the ability to conveniently compare solutions and providers. This level of transparency with our compute services is unmatched by other major cloud providers.

You can try the new function out by navigating to an IBM Cloud Compute Catalog page without logging into your IBM Cloud account.

Ready to start exploring?

  1. Go to the IBM Cloud catalogand search for the compute offering that you’re interested in. You can filter the catalog categories by typing “compute” in the search bar or by clicking Compute in the navigation.
  2. Click the tile to view the offering details page. For example, try exploring Bare Metal Server or Virtual Server.
  3. Click Continue to view the offering’s provisioning form. If you’re exploring Virtual Server, be sure to first select the instance type.

  4. From here, you can configure the instance and its additional services to your exact needs and save it as a quote by clicking Save as a Quote.

  5. Complete the fields in the “Ready to save your quote?” dialog and click Save. You’re then provided with a shareable link to your quote, which you can now choose to order. It’s also included in an email if you requested to receive one. 

    Saving Quotes

Note: To place your order, you’ll need to first complete the required fields in the registration and payment sections on the check-out page in the IBM Cloud console.  

Offering Manager, Cloud Platform Growth Team

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