Save the Date(s): Cloud Service Management and Operations Webinars

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Announcing the Cloud Service Management and Operations webinar series

We have exciting news for you and your clients: You can now register for our knowledge-enhancing webinar series on the important domain areas of Cloud Service Management and Operations (CSMO)—a critical set of practices to help ensure success on the cloud.

Webinar information

Reinvent Your Cloud Operations!: October 2, 2018

We’ll be kicking off the webinar series on October 2 at 11:00am EST with “Reinvent Your Cloud Operations.” This webinar is an introduction to IBM’s Cloud Service Management and Operations (CSMO) cloud practices, including a view of the CSMO domain spine and a quick look into various capabilities, including the following:

  • Bots from our ChatOps practices
  • How to leverage Build to Manage to be more agile
  • How you might get started with items like spider graphs from operational assessments
  • RACI analysis outputs.

This webinar is a must for helping to build the foundations of knowledge and to understand why CSMO is key for running any business successfully on the cloud.

To listen to a recording of this webinar, use this link to register and the recording will begin immediately:

Chatting About ChatOps, Why There Are No Drawbacks!: November 6, 2018

We’ll be holding the second webinar in the series—”Chatting About ChatOps, Why There Are No Drawbacks!”—on November 6 at 11:00am EST. ChatOps integrates people, tools, and processes into a collaboration platform so that teams can efficiently communicate and easily manage the flow of their work. In a nutshell, ChatOps is improving the way operational tasks are performed using collaborative tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Watson Workspace, MatterMost, or (the soon to be departed) HipChat, to name just a few.

Showcasing ChatOps as an easy-to-consume, no drawbacks, first step towards overall adoption of Cloud Service Management and Operations is simple because it’s just so easy to start working with ChatOps when the benefits are apparent from day one.

To listen to a recording of this webinar, use this link to register and the recording will begin immediately:

Site Reliability Engineers and Their Love of Automation!: December 4, 2018

The final webinar in the series—”Site Reliability Engineers and Their Love of Automation!”—is scheduled for December 4 at 11:00am EST.

The addition of a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) model, a capability IBM fully committed to, is generally centralized “closer to the edge—closer and specific to the customer’s systems and applications.” IBM shares how SREs directly contribute to engineering and developing solutions to address the root cause of incidents. Their role is to identify and proactively prevent issues that otherwise may reoccur in the future by applying systems engineering thinking.

IBM presents how to leverage the SREs who are keenly focused on reducing toil and devising solutions to eliminate the root cause of problems by re-engineering, developing automation, and collaborating with the DevOps team to drive changes to where problems lie in the application code.

To make sure your clients do not miss the final Cloud Service Management and Operations webinar of the year, send them this link to register:

Call to action

  • Tell your clients to save the date(s) for the IBM Cloud Service Management and Operations webinar series, impressing how important it is to have efficient operations in place when running their businesses on Cloud.
  • Send them details and links to the registration pages.
  • Reach out to Melody Bienfang ( with any questions or for CSMO services selling help.

Cloud Service Management & Operations Service Offering Manager

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