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IBM Cloud Functions is Now Available in the Washington DC/US-East Region

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While serverless abstracts away the infrastructure your code is running on, it’s still important to have control over the specific set of regions your is code in. Common reasons include protection against disasters happening in a particular area, control over the country in which your data is being stored or processed (e.g., for regulatory reasons), and achieving the lowest possible latency between your application and its end users. Therefore, we’re very excited to announce that IBM Cloud Functions is now also available in our Washington DC/US-East region.

In order to deploy your serverless application in the Washington DC/US-East region, please go to go to your Cloud Functions page, select Actions in the navigation on the right-hand side, and select this or any of the other regions offered.

For further information on IBM Cloud Functions, please consult the documentation.

Distinguished Engineer, Serverless / FaaS & IBM Cloud Functions Chief Architect

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