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Deepen and Expand Business Insights Through IBM Streams V4.3

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Exciting new capabilities with IBM Streams V4.3

The launch of IBM Streams V4.3, a leader in the streaming analytics market, delivers new capabilities that enable enterprises and applications to react to events as they happen—or even before. A key component of the IBM Cloud Platform, IBM Streams offers a computing platform that helps organizations turn burgeoning, fast-moving volumes and varieties of data into insight.

The impact of IBM Streams

IBM Streams is applicable anywhere there is a business problem that needs analysis. It has a direct impact on business growth in the following ways:

  • Business transformation: IBM Streams paves the way to evolve into a digital, data-driven business. The ability to deliver data-driven insights that are tied to key performance indicators provides a foundation that the entire enterprise can rally around.
  • Enhanced awareness and decision making: IBM Streams provides decision-makers with insights from many data sources.
  • Real-time/near-real-time responsiveness: IBM Streams provides insights on events of material importance to the business as they occur.
  • Greater operational efficiency: IBM Streams enables managers and administrators to view and predict potential bottlenecks within their systems.

Enhance dynamic and elastic scalability

IBM Streams has been evolving over many releases to be more dynamic and elastic; that evolution continues in V4.3 with new features to dynamically change the level of parallel processing and resources available.

Improve performance with Streams Beam runner for Apache Beam

Apache Beam is an open-source unified model for defining data pipelines that allows you to develop portable applications that can be deployed to different runtime engines using a “runner” for your runtime engine of choice. The Streams runner for Apache Beam helps developers run the Beam application on the Streams platform, improving performance and runtime platform reliability.

Simplify operation and management to reduce administrator workload

Streams V4.3 makes it much easier to manage Streams, and it simplifies operations with improvements to rolling upgrade support and scheduling jobs to run across a cluster.

Speed application development with new language and toolkit features

Streams has a large number of toolkits that provide out-of-the-box functionality to ingest, process, and output data of many types, interacting with many systems and performing rich and varied analytics. Many of these toolkits have been open sourced and are developed and released on the IBMStreams organization on GitHub. With Streams V4.3, we continue to add new toolkits and enhance existing toolkits in the product.

Take the next step

IBM Streams offers you the power to revolutionize your approach to big data analytics and deliver a fast return on investment to your business. To find out how, please click here for more information.

Streams Product Marketing Manager, Watson & Cloud Platform

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