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How to Run SAP Workloads in the Cloud on a Budget

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Moving your SAP applications to the cloud can improve your company’s agility, speedup time-to-market, increase competitiveness, and allow you to better serve your lines of business. But you already knew this, right? Right.

You’re already primed to migrate your SAP workloads—you just need to know how to do it for less. We get it.

And so, we’ve completed SAP HANA certification for our latest generation of Intel Broadwell-based SAP HANA servers, and they’re now generally available worldwide!

So where’s the savings part?

Because of advancements in our underlying infrastructure and supply chain, IBM Cloud is able to offer these SAP-Certified HANA servers with the latest generation of storage technology, resulting in 5% higher performance, at a cost reduction of up to 26% depending on configuration.

Lower prices and higher performance – this is what you can expect with the latest SAP-Certified HANA servers integrated with IBM Cloud.

Old server Old price (SUSE) New server New price (SUSE) Price decrease
BI.S2.H8800 $26,670.60 BI.S2.H8801 $21,180.60 26%
BI.S2.H8400 $17,195.00 BI.S2.H8401 $14,399.00 19%
BI.S2.H4400 $14,249.00 BI.S2.H4401 $11,453.00 24%
BI.S2.H4200 $9,759.00 BI.S2.H4201 $8,863.00 10%
BI.S2.H4100 $7,648.00 BI.S2.H4101 $7,129.00 7%


You get the same level of performance, durability, control, security and robustness you’re used to from IBM Cloud—at a significantly decreased price. When we find a way to optimize our costs, we pass those savings along to you.

IBM Cloud is still the only public cloud provider to offer SAP-Certified bare metal HANA servers with up to 8TB of RAM in a true cloud consumption model.

A price reduction isn’t the only reason why you should choose IBM Cloud for your SAP landscapes. The power, control, and flexibility are equally compelling. IBM Cloud is still the only public cloud provider to offer SAP-Certified bare metal HANA servers with up to 8TB of RAM in a true cloud consumption model: we’ll never ask you to sign a contract, never ask you to wait while we order equipment and install said equipment into a colocation facility outside our walls, and our prices are as transparent as they come.

Let’s say it again: The value of running your SAP workloads in the cloud, more specifically on IBM Cloud, rests in our all bare metal ways. Dedicated servers. Single-tenant servers. Whatever you want to call them—just remember—you get power, security, and configurability all fully supported by SAP.

We also have all the nuts and bolts to make your move into the cloud as smooth as possible, plus all the extras to configure the celestial server of your dreams.

  • IBM Direct Link for migrating your data securely
  • IBM Cloud block storage and Veeam for live and backed-up data
  • Network gateways and appliances for enhanced control of your traffic
  • Managed offerings and services in case you need the white-glove treatment

But don’t take my word for it. Head over to our website and check it out for yourself! Or better yet, head to the store now for in-depth configuration details and upgrade options,

Offering Manager, IBM Cloud for SAP

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