IBM Runbook Automation Experimental Cloud Deprecation

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So….what’s happening?

As of 6th August , 2018 the Runbook Automation Experimental service tile will be removed from the IBM Cloud Experimental catalog. At which point new users will no longer be able to provision the service; however the existing customers instance will be active until 7th September ,2018.

What if I want to continue to use IBM Runbook Automation?

For those users who wish to continue enjoying the benefits of using IBM Runbook Automation , they can export their Runbooks. Next , sign up for IBM Cloud Event Management (which is GA on IBM Public Cloud). This new service contains the functionality of Runbook Automation. Therefore you can continue to achieve the benefits of using IBM Runbook Automation.

Here’s a link to some more information on how to export/import Runbooks

Have you heard about IBM Cloud Event Management?

IBM Cloud Event Management is a service design to help to support your DevOps and IT-Ops to understand, manage and solve services problems quickly. Cloud Event Management, incorporates the functionality of IBM Runbook Automation to offer knowledge base solutions to complex problems.

IBM Cloud Event Management on IBM Cloud:


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