IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan is Now Generally Available

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On June 14, 2018, IBM Blockchain took the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan out of Beta and made it generally available!

With this change, all new users and Beta users have a few steps to take:

Everyone: Claim $500 in Credits

Everyone, regardless if you participated in the Beta, gets $500 in credits toward their first Starter Plan network. This covers the first month’s fees for two peers and one membership. No promo code or other action is required—just visit and start your network!

Beta Users: Migrate to Starter Plan (GA) by July 14

All Starter Plan Beta instances will be supported until July 14, 2018. Please delete your Beta version instances of the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan before July 14 to avoid any confusion from your development team. Any instance still provisioned as of July 14 will be deleted. Instructions to migrate from Beta to GA can be found here.

Beta Users: Submit Feedback

A special thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan service. Your comments and suggestions were instrumental to improving our experience. If you have yet to provide feedback, it’s not too late to do so. Please submit feedback here.

IBM Blockchain Platform - Project Manager

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