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Deprecation of Compose for Elasticsearch 2.4.6

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Deprecation of Compose for Elasticsearch 2.4.6

Over the coming months, IBM Cloud Compose will be ending support and hosting of Elasticsearch 2.4.6 and earlier versions. The database version is no longer supported by its developer. It has been superseded by the Elasticsearch 5.x and 6.x series. The timetable for this deprecation process is as follows:

End of Provisioning Date: July 31, 2018

From July 31, 2018, onward, new deployments of Elasticsearch 2.4.6 will not be possible. Restoration of Elasticsearch 2.4.6 databases into new deployments will also not be possible, though the backups can be restored into newer versions of Elasticsearch. Existing customers’ instances of Elasticsearch 2.4.6 will continue to run as normal. Existing users who need restoration or other deployment-related operations can request that the operations be performed via support. Users who wish to upgrade at this time will have to use the restore-from-backup path to import their data into a new Elasticsearch 5.x deployment.

End of Support Date: October 31, 2018

After October 31, 2018, all remaining Elasticsearch 2.4.6 installations will be required to upgrade to the current Elasticsearch 5.x release at the time. We recommend that users upgrade, test, and switch to a later Elasticsearch version before this date. The IBM Cloud Compose “restore” functionality can assist this process as it allows new instances of Elasticsearch to be created from existing backups. For further assistance in upgrading your Elasticsearch 2.4.6, please contact support.

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