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PowerAI on IBM Cloud

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PowerAI is now generally available in IBM Cloud!

PowerAI is a software distribution of ML/DL frameworks that makes high performance deep learning, machine learning, and AI development more accessible. Customers can leverage IBM® Power Systems™ and NVIDIA® GPUs to rapidly deploy fully optimized and supported instances for ML/DL with blazing speed. Developers can deploy PowerAI instances and clusters on-demand, connect to PowerAI instances via your web browser or SSH. PowerAI is offered and supported in partnership with Nimbix on IBM Power Systems infrastructure.


  • Includes popular machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, SparkML, etc
  • Delivers higher productivity for Data Scientists and enables non-Data Scientists to use AI
  • Supports multi-node clusters for Distributed Deep Learning (DDL) with Infiniband interconnects
  • Leverages Large Model Support without comprising data quality and accuracy.

Use Case(s):

PowerAI has several applications in medicine and biology fields. Universities are using PowerAI to increase the speed and accuracy of complex simulations for physics and fluid dynamics. Researchers are also using PowerAI frameworks to more accurately modeling patient’s hearts. This includes mapping unique patterns of blood flow through blood vessels and valves before starting a surgical procedure, which can lead to better patient outcomes. Further, PowerAI is helping with cancer cell detection and diabetic drug discovery.

PowerAI can also add value in the media and entertainment industry. A collaboration between IBM Lab Services and Research Lab helped develop a new model to assemble an exciting television show “trailer” in a day, which traditionally takes two to four weeks. It boiled down 2.3 million seconds of video footage into a one-minute trailer.

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