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Aerospike on IBM Cloud bare metal servers: Powering your cognitive architectures

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Fast and flexible, we hear this constantly when talking about cloud infrastructure, but it’s not to be taken lightly. A fast and flexible solution could make or break your workload and overall cloud performance. This means you need to choose a cloud solution that provides fast and flexible infrastructure, all while meeting the constant demands of not just your business transformation, but cognitive architecture as well.

Enter Aerospike NoSQL Database running on IBM Cloud bare metal servers.

In a recent Cloud Qualification Process done by YCSB (Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark), we found that Aerospike and IBM Cloud bare metal’s performance:

  • Greatly reduces TCO compared to other cloud providers
  • Allows customers to process billions of post ad clicks and events daily.

Aerospike provides a high-performance database with strong consistency of flash storage, processors and networks. Combined with IBM Cloud bare metal servers–  dedicated, high-performance cloud servers– your infrastructure’s capabilities and performance are elevated to harness your most data-intensive workloads. Whether you are bringing new workloads to IBM Cloud, or already on the Cloud, with Aerospike, it makes it easy to deploy and scale your workloads out to your customer base.

Think about it, the challenge is that usually every time you add another component to your cloud, it introduces latency. When you introduce direct access to the hardware, customers can now take advantage of the processor chip set, network interfaces and network itself, to ensure ongoing performance. With Aerospike and IBM Cloud you no longer have to worry about costs growing exponentially without jeopardizing performance.

For businesses where cognitive architectures play a critical role in understanding data, making decisions in real-time creates huge impact on the value they can provide to customers. Whether you’re in Ad Tech, Retail/E-commerce, Financial Services or Telco, Aerospike and IBM Cloud can address these cognitive needs.

We invite you to review the ‘Powering high-performance applications with Aerospike on IBM Cloud paper to uncover all the findings for Aerospike NoSQL Database on various IBM Cloud bare metal instances. You can also check out the blog from Aerospike Founder and CTO – Aerospike in the IBM Cloud.

Ready to get started with bare metal servers?  Customize your server today.



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