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What’s included in the IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI version 1.3.3

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Mandatory Security and Reliability Update

This release is to comply with a mandatory security and reliability update of the backend services that the IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI uses for creating and managing applications.  You will need to update to version 1.3.3 by May 16, 2018 in order to continue to access services on the IBM Cloud.  To update, execute:


bx plugin update dev


After May 16, using a previous version of IDT will result in a failure like this for bx dev create:

Could not create application on IBM Cloud.


If you execute the command with tracing as follows bx dev create --trace you will see:

PMan Create Application POST failed.
Status Code404
ResponseBody: 404 Not Found: Requested route ('bmd-dashboard-api.ng.bluemix.net') does not exist.

Errors: [invalid character ‘N’ after top-level value]
Could not create application on IBM Cloud.

Could not create application on IBM Cloud.


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