Promotion extended for IBM Cloud bare metal and virtual servers

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Fast, scalable and secure, IBM Cloud bare metal and virtual servers are the gift that keep on giving, but now, you can save more on costs! Due to outstanding interest in our current promotion, we’re extending our 50% off 60 day-promotional offer for select virtual server and bare metal server offerings. The expiration date is now August 1, 2018.

This promotional offer applies to a broad array of our IBM Cloud infrastructure solutions – from our fast, flexible and easily provisioned virtual servers, to our high performance, totally customizable bare metal servers running Intel®’s Xeon® Scalable processors – perfect for driving today’s HPC and cognitive/analytics workloads to new performance levels, and for accelerating applications up to 63% faster than previous generation processors.

Now is the perfect time to take IBM Cloud for a test drive – try us out for dev/test, or migrate your critical workloads that are in need of a performance improvement. If you want to run a bare metal server, virtual server, or a configuration with GPUs, we have what you need. Take a look at the promo codes below to see which promotion applies to you. Who doesn’t want to save 50% off for 60 days?

Visit to see various qualifying promotions.

How to Order

  • Simply visit the IBM Cloud homepage and click on “Bare Metal Severs” or “Cloud Virtual Servers.”
  • Select a qualifying virtual or bare metal server and choose any additional options you may want — apply the appropriate promotional code to the order form (see below) and you’re on your way!
  • If you need it, ask for help! Feel free to call us at: 1-214-442-0600 and we’ll be glad to help get you set up.
Promotion Name Server Type Promotion Code Configuration Terms
IBM Cloud Virtual Server  Free 60-day Offer VSI VSI100 Includes:

– 1X1GB (includes 25 GB storage)

Free for 60 days
VSI Promotional Offer


VSI VSI50 Includes choice of any IBM Cloud Virtual Server up to 8 Cores and 32 GB RAM – plus customer selectable storage quantity 50% off total server list price for 60 days
Intel Xeon Single Processor Promotional Offer Bare Metal KABYPROMO Includes Intel Xeon E3-1270 V6 Processor (4 Cores) plus customer selectable RAM & storage quantity 50% off total server list price for 60 days
Intel Xeon Dual Processor  Promotional Offer Bare Metal SKYPROMO Includes Intel Xeon Dual Scalable Processor Models 4110, 5120, or 6140 — plus customer selectable RAM & storage quantity 50% off total server list price for 60 days
NVIDIA  GPU Promotional Add-on Discount Bare Metal GPUPROMO Select any NVIDIA-compatible server configuration and add either NVIDIA’s V100, P100, M60 or K80 GPU (up to 2 GPU’s) 50% off total server list price for 60 days
Intel® Optane® Promotional Add-on Discount Bare Metal OPTANE50 Select any Optane-compatible 2U server configuration and add Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X 50% off total server list price for 60 days

Promotion Terms and Limitations

The following terms and limitations apply to the above promotions:

  • 50% off applies to IBM Cloud list price
  • 50% off applies to first 60 days after provisioning, regular pricing applies thereafter
  • No other discounts may be added
  • Web purchases only
  • Limited to monthly billed offerings only
  • Limit: 1 per customer
  • Additional exclusions apply


Offering Management, Compute, IBM Watson & Cloud Platform

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