Top 5 reasons to modernize legacy applications in the cloud

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Swift delivery of goods and services via software is critical to enterprise success in today’s economy. It’s imperative that organizations modernize their approach to software delivery by leveraging the cloud. Embracing cloud and agile development processes is the most direct path to this kind of innovation— an approach that meets the pace of demand today.

Forward thinking organizations recognize that doing nothing is not an option. Being competitive requires modernization, however many organizations will need to establish a formal initiative by recognizing some crucial benefits for success. While each business has unique considerations, there are five top reasons to modernize legacy applications in the cloud:


1. Innovate and Compete

Modernization facilitates the introduction of new business capabilities. This agility makes an organization more adaptable to future market and technology disruptions, and better able to handle unforeseen changes in technology, customers, and the competition. The ability to respond to and excel amidst change is key to long-term viability.


2.  Adopt Cloud Computing

Application modernization can be used as the impetus for transitioning to a modern, cloud-based infrastructure model that enables capacity on-demand, self-service provisioning, global reach, reduced costs via multi-tenancy, and metered pricing.

3. Improve Development Agility and Reduce IT Backlog

Streamlining resource provisioning and implementing agile development processes frees organizations to focus on delivering new business value and reducing technical debt, instead of just keeping the lights on.

4. Maximize ROI

Enterprise IT must operate as a business partner capable of delivering functionality in line with business and customer demands. Systems and methods of work must be modernized to deliver higher quality software at a faster rate.

5. Mitigate Risk

Enterprises that forego modernization risk falling short of critical compliance and security standards, jeopardizing their customers as well as their business. Organizations may use modernization initiatives as an opportunity to invest in technology and process improvements necessary for ongoing security requirements.


This list concentrates on active justifications for application modernization. The reality for many enterprises is that modernization is both critical and extremely daunting. To achieve success, you need a proven approach and the technology to make modernization possible.

Your approach to modernization isn’t just about the application itself.  It’s also about the infrastructure and processes used to build the application. A progressive approach that starts with infrastructure.


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