Try 1TB of block or file storage with 1TB snapshot space for free

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For a limited time only, you can provision 1TB of IBM Cloud block or file storage endurance tiers with 1TB of snapshot space at the IOPS of your choice—free for two months.

Where you store your data matters

With IBM Cloud block and file storage, your data is secure, protected, flexible, and simple to manage. Get encryption-at-rest security features and stay protected from loss every time. If your server goes down for any reason—routine maintenance, testing, unexpected failures, etc.—your data remains intact. That’s because block and file storage is managed outside the walls of your server’s life cycle.

So go ahead. Give it try now at no cost. Provision 1TB of block or file storage and see how it performs with your current workloads. While you’re at it, dig into our latest IBM Cloud block and file storage feature roll-outs that give our customers the option to right-size their storage and pay only for what they need. Our block and file storage is flexible, dependable, and affordable.

How to start your free trial

You can redeem this special offer now through Friday, June 1 2018 with our sales team or online via the IBM Cloud console. To take advantage of the promotion, you must provision endurance block or file storage and specify 1TB capacity, then select any of the endurance IOPS tiers plus 1TB of snapshot space.

Input the promotion code from the table below when you’re ready to check out:

2018 block and file storage promo

Call our sales team at (214) 442-0600 or start your cost-free trial here.

Terms and conditions: Offer ends June 1, 2018. Cannot be combined with additional offers. Offer valid for two months post signup for new, monthly billed volumes only. Customer will accrue standard billing charges after two months unless cancelled. Expandable volumes and adjustable IOPS features cannot be used or billing begins immediately. Customer cannot divide the 1TB volume into two 500 GB volumes. Additional exclusions may apply.


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