IBM Cloud Object Storage Previews New Archive Capability

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Update 08/01/18: We’re pleased to announce the general availability of our IBM Cloud Object Storage low cost Archive capability. Archive is available in following Regional locations – Dallas, Washington D.C., London, and Frankfurt in our IBM Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) provisioning Path. Customers can store and manage their data by transitioning from any of the storage tiers (Standard, Vault, Cold Vault and Flex) to long-term offline archive. Once archived, customers can restore a temporary copy of their objects for access when needed – it may take up to 15 hours to restore. Priced at $0.002/GB per month for data storage and $0.02/GB for data restore, the archive capability is designed to maintain the same high security, resiliency, and encryption as other storage tiers.

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IBM is now offering qualified clients the opportunity to sign up early and preview our new low-priced data archive capability for the IBM Cloud Object Storage service, designed for seldom accessed data. This archive capability works with our existing storage class tiers enabling customers to reduce storage costs even further by storing data offline with our lowest-priced storage.

With the growth of unstructured data, organizations are continually looking for simplified, lower cost options for storing data that is rarely accessed but stored for long term data retention, compliance and business continuity purposes. The IBM Cloud Object Storage archive capability is ideal for addressing the demand for archiving data for long term retention and provides data lifecycle management to enable customers to manage data between active and archive states.

The archive capability will be priced at $0.002 GB/Month for data storage and $0.02 GB for data restore, with minimum duration charge of 180 days for archived data.

For data lifecycle management, customers can apply an archive policy against objects written to their object storage bucket in our storage class tiers. After the specified duration, objects are archived.  Once archived, customers can restore a temporary copy of their objects for access when needed.  Restore time may take up to 15 hours.

In 2017, IBM launched the IBM Cloud Object Storage service with storage tiers that support low latency data access needs. With the new archive capability, customers can further reduce storage costs by storing data offline with our lowest-priced storage.

The IBM Cloud Object Storage archive capability provides:

  • Cost-effectiveness – our lowest priced cloud object storage pricing
  • Integration with storage tier classes – Standard, Vault, Cold Vault, Flex
  • Seamless experience – customers use the same operations across our storage service and utilize archive policies against their objects
  • Encryption and Security: data that is archived is secured with the same encryption
  • Durability & Resiliency: archive is designed to maintain the same high durability and resiliency

How to get started

To learn more about preview access to the IBM Cloud Object Storage archive capability, please contact your IBM account representative.

To learn more about IBM Cloud Object Storage:

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