App Launch Beta – Now Available

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Cultivate a feedback driven culture for feature releases in your organization by partnering with your end users early and often. Be it during the initial phases of your feature release or to know which variant of an application user interface has better acceptance. With App Launch we will partner with you in this journey.

We are pleased to announce the beta availability of App Launch on IBM Cloud. Thank you for the tremendous response during the experimental phase and please keep the feedback coming, so that we can shape the service to provide better value to your applications. App Launch on IBM Cloud facilitates App Owners and App Developers to control the release of features to mobile applications.

It offers the following capabilities

Feature Toggle : Control-switch to turn features on and off. Turn off poorly performing features or turn on a feature only to opted-in users, beta testers or users that qualify certain criteria.

Gradual Release : Mitigate risk by releasing features with a staged roll out approach. Gain confidence by experimentation. For example, define key performance indicator for a feature (KPI), turn the feature on to a limited percentage of the user base and for a limited time. Based on real-time feedback decide to turn the feature on to entire user base or just switch the feature off, if results are unsatisfactory.

Test feature/UI variants (A/B Tests) : Go beyond in-house testing. Get end-user feedback on your app variants and make informed decision based on observed behavior.

Customize application to target user groups : Adapt application behavior or application UI to users based on geographic, contextual and behavioral aspects without having to make an app store update. For example, change application appearance and content based on user location to support local events and holidays.

Send in-app updates to end users : Send messages to application users during app usage. For example, update the user on the new feature or variant.

App Launch graduated from experimental to beta and is available in US-South region. It is still available free of cost.We welcome your participation and feedback during beta phase. As an early adopter, you have an opportunity to influence the App Launch service direction with your feedback.

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Resources :

Video Channel


Samples Repository

Tour of features and code snippets

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