Webinar: Faster, more efficient API deployment using a DevOps governance model

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Enterprise developers and operations professionals can achieve faster, more efficient API deployment using a DevOps governance model.  A DevOps platform for APIs provides improved governance and efficiency, to save time and money while ensuring quality in API deployments.  Whether your APIs are organically developed, or they are exposed endpoints to existing back-end services, a DevOps platform gives you the ability to streamline and to automate the process of developing, building, testing, and deploying APIs onto the API runtime cloud platform.

In this webinar, IBM distinguished engineers Paul Bahrs and Tien Nguyen will discuss how to achieve faster, more efficient API governance model for automated deployment using DevOps. After completing this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Accelerate innovation with multi-speed IT by decoupling back end separating back-end system services from the deployment of those services as APIs across different channels.
  • Streamline processes for governance and version control with well-defined isolation and ownership for DevOps and API management.
  • Optimize hybrid DevOps platforms to support continuous integration and continuous delivery with automation.

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