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VMware HCX on IBM Cloud (aka “space age IT”) – now available!

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“It’s insane”
“It shouldn’t work, but it does”
“This is really cool space age kind of IT”
“HCX was the best answer by far”

Earlier this week, a colleague in IBM’s Global Business Services group who is working with a large client in the industrial sector said these things regarding his recent experience with a new technology: VMware HCX on IBM Cloud (HCX). This isn’t a guy who usually effuses over a particular technology, so when he does, you listen.

So why is my friend so excited? Because HCX is a first-of-a-kind, truly cutting-edge technology, offering unprecedented efficiency and security around moving workloads from an environment on-premises to the cloud. There is no downtime. Period. Your workloads float seamlessly between your environment on-premises and the cloud.   HCX solves for mobility across multiple cloud environments, and, unlike in the past, there is minimal need for human intervention.   Click a button, and you’re ready to go.

IBM and VMware shared at last year’s VMworld (Barcelona) that IBM Cloud would be one of the first partners to launch HCX. Excitement has been building since then. Today, we’re pleased to announce the general availability of HCX as the latest service on our VMware platform.

What is HCX?

HCX allows customers to easily build an abstraction layer between their data center on-premises and IBM Cloud. Once tethered together, customers will be able to stretch networks securely across HCX interconnect enabling seamless mobility of virtual workloads to IBM Cloud. This feature will enable hybrid capabilities in vCenter so that workloads can be migrated and protected to and from IBM Cloud.

What are the benefits of HCX?

Below are some common use cases:

  • “Hybridity”
    Extend a data center on-premises to IBM Cloud. Seamlessly extend your data center to make use of additional resources and expand geographic reach.
  • Mobility and Migration
    Migrate workloads from a simple vSphere platform on-premises to a fully software defined VMware environment in IBM Cloud.
  • Multi-Cloud Applications
    Freely move application components to span from your environment on-premises to the cloud
  • Disaster Recovery
    Granularly protect workloads on-premises, cost effective full or partial DR

Find More Information

Curious about HCX? The following video will take you step-by-step through the solution:

Want to take HCX for a spin at your company?  Click here to talk to an IBM Cloud expert about setting up a 30-day trial.

Interested in the broader IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions portfolio?  Visit our website.

Zeb Ahmed

Offering Manager for VMware on IBM Cloud

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