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IBM Lift Hits a Major Milestone

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Today, Lift hits a significant milestone and opens a new chapter in our relentless journey to help our customers migrate to the IBM Cloud. Since our September-end launch, the IBM Lift CLI has helped countless customers migrate their large, on-premises data warehouses to our flagship Cloud data warehouse, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud. The reception has been outstanding. The feedback, overwhelmingly positive.

Because of our ever-growing confidence in the IBM Lift CLI, we’re announcing the retirement of the legacy IBM Cloud data movement service, today. The large majority of our user base has already migrated to the Lift CLI. This announcement today solidifies the IBM Lift CLI as the strategic offering.

These are the dates you should know:

  • The existing IBM Cloud tile will change to point exclusively to the IBM Lift CLI by February 28, 2018. Creation of new instances of the legacy offering will cease.
  • Termination of all current instances of the legacy offering will be on March 30, 2018

You can get started with the Lift CLI today by heading over to https://lift.mybluemix.net/

Senior Offering Manager, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, Hybrid Data Management

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