IBM Cloud Application Tools – End-of-life Announcement

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IBM Cloud Application Tools (ICAT) launched on June 9, 2016 under the name “IBM Cloud Tools for Swift” (ICT). It was an experimental project aimed to improve the experience for Swift developers. Since launch, we have released 12 updates, including the final build. ICT was rebranded to ICAT, with broader support for Swift, Java, Node, and other languages. Along the way, ICAT was featured in the press and at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2016.

The goal of ICAT has always been to provide a seamless bridge between the IBM Cloud web console and a user’s local development environment. Though ICAT has effectively improved developer productivity, we have decided to withdraw it from the market. We have learned a great amount from ICAT, and it has helped shape the future of the IBM Cloud. We would like to thank the 5000+ users for their overwhelming support and feedback along this journey.

Looking to the future, IBM continues to invest in improving the developer experience for building cloud-native applications locally and on the web. We welcome you to explore the latest IBM Cloud offerings and continue to build incredible applications. Please reach out if there is anything we can do to help improve your IBM Cloud experience.

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