App Launch on IBM Cloud Services

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In an era of Continuous delivery – the defect fixes, enhancements and changes are delivered swiftly into production.

If the users are happy about the change, good Job! If not, it is a risky task to roll back a feature which involves a lot of effort before a significant damage has been done.

To avoid such instances, we must partner with our users early in the app development life cycle. Business innovation must be driven by customer experience.

As the changes go in to the application –

It is essential to know:

  • How well the end users have accepted the change
  • Get a feedback on the app directly from the users

It would be good to try:

  • Testing beyond the limits of traditional test lab
  • Run experiments against the existing features

It will be helpful if you could –

  • Switch “on” / “off” new features with very little change in the infrastructure
  • Turn “off” features under development and be still able to push other changes

App Launch on IBM Cloud Services will help the app owner achieve all the above-mentioned objectives and much more. App Launch facilitates an app owner to launch innovations to market faster and make broader decisions based on real time feedback.

Below are a few Use cases to showcase how an app owner can take advantage of App Launch:

  • Event based change

Roll out a new User Interface on based on events like Christmas, New year, Thanks giving and so on.  You can schedule when your feature has to be enabled. Seasonal App themes/features make the app more customized.  Small changes to your app makes a big difference!

  • Special features for Special customers

Enabling a new Bio-metric login feature for Platinum users only. You may roll out this feature to a larger audience based on how the platinum users have accepted the change.

  • Localized App features

Include a survey button based on geography. Roll out features based on geographical location.

  • Create Variations through A/B testing

Implement new changes in your application and run experiments with targeted end users. Gain real time customer insights.

  • Advertise based on proximity

Send mobile promotion code when the customers are close to the store.

  • Personalized messages

Send personalized messages to a customer. Like wishing on a birthday or on their anniversary.

  • Introductory tutorials

Include introductory tutorials for new users. It is important for a user to understand the features of an app before using it.

  • App updates

Inform users on the app updates or launch of a new feature. User’s confidence on the product will increase when they know that their app is always improving.

  • Price drop

Notify users of a price fall for an item visited in the store catalogue but have not purchased, which would intrigue them to act on it.

  • Special offers

Send a specialized offer for users who have made transactions of >X$ in the last 1 week

  • Survey / Feedback

Roll out surveys or polls to get a feedback on the app. Getting direct feedback from the customers help improve a product.

  • Showcase your new feature

Send notifications to identified users who have not visited a new feature / area in the application.

  • Retain in-active users

Identify the in-active users based on the user sessions. Send notifications / offers using messages for users who are not using the app Actively.

  • Get Application logs

Notify the app owner about the crashes / errors in the app and send detailed logs to the app owner. Crash reporting provides rapid insight into why an app fails.

  • Metrics on how a feature is used

Get measurable data on how a feature is being used. Like, how many users use it, average number of times a feature is used per day, category of users who use the  feature and so on.

Get Started..

We are excited to see how you will enhance and enrich your apps with our service.

App Launch is now available under mobile services in IBM Cloud, so go ahead and explore!!

Below are some quick links to gain more insight and understand the features of App launch:

  • Some introductory blogs
  • Try out the Service
  • For more information, make sure to look through our documentation
  • Do you have questions or comments? Please contact us through the community forums











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