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Beta Release of New VSI Monitoring Tool for IBM Cloud

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Beta of New Monitoring Tool Goes Live on IBM Cloud

Starting this week, IBM Cloud will begin rolling out the Beta version of a new monitoring tool for virtual servers. Built on the IBM Cloud Monitoring Service, the new tool is native to our infrastructure, agentless, and will be available on both our current and future architectures. Beginning with just a few data centers, we plan to complete the global roll out in the coming weeks.

What you’ll see in the Beta version is an interactive dashboard that will allow you to view the basic metric data from your servers. This will include resource metrics for:

  • CPU Utlization
  • Memory Utilization
  • Network bandwidth I/O
  • Disk I/O (coming soon)

An Entirely New Back End

While much of this functionality already exists with our Nimsoft monitoring offering in the Softlayer Control Portal, the data you’ll see here is collected and presented with an entirely new back end. By collecting the metric data directly from the hypervisors, we are able to provide this information without an agent running on your virtual machine. This means less overhead in your environment, translating to faster provisioning and better performance.

What’s Next?

We’re definitely not done. We’re currently building out the functionality and features to provide a comprehensive monitoring experience for our infrastructure customers:

  • Metric alarms with advanced notification options
  • Integrated network monitors
  • Automated responses
  • Support for bare metal servers

…And much more. This Beta release represents the first major milestone in our work to offer a native, world-class monitoring service for our IBM Cloud Infrastructure customers.

Help Us by Providing Feedback

And we want feedback! See something about the new graphing interface you like or something you hate? Have a feature idea for future releases? Experiencing a problem? You can submit your comments to us through a survey link right there in the Beta.

Finally, this release doesn’t change anything with our existing monitoring offerings in the Softlayer Control Portal. So you can continue to rely on the alarms and network monitors you’ve already put in place using Nimsoft, while being free to explore the new service as it evolves.

That’s it for now. We look forward to sharing the next iteration of our work as we continue to build out the most complete and responsive monitoring service ever available on IBM Cloud. Thanks!

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