Protect your data to simplify GDPR Readiness

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The EU General Data Protection Regulation will come in force in May 2018, everyone is in a scurry to get ready and get ready fast. The GDPR brings with it potential fines for non compliance but also brings an opportunity for businesses to enhance their business and brand value. We see our customers are interested in two aspects. First, what is IBM doing for their own GDPR readiness, we recently published our own readiness journeyThe second aspect is what IBM can do to help clients with their readiness program?

We are familiar with your likely concerns about GDPR and as part of its GDPR project, IBM is enhancing its ongoing commitment to privacy by design. IBM is working to embed data protection principles even more deeply into its business processes. The objective is that technical and organisational security measures limit by default the amount and use of personal data to what is specifically called out. This work will also help strengthen controls already in place to limit access to personal data, including with respect to mobile applications that rely on sensible default settings around inadvertently and unintended sharing of personal data with others.

IBM is committed to providing our clients and partners with innovative data privacy, security and governance solutions to assist them on their journey to GDPR readiness.

Data Security

We understand the importance of keeping your data secure. Companies face the constant, rising threat of data breaches each year. But the cost of a breach differs for every organization. How much could it cost yours? A recent study on cost of a data breach sponsored by IBM and independently conducted by Ponemon Institute reports the global average cost of a data breach is down 10 percent over previous years to $3.62 million. The average cost for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information also decreased by about 10% from $158 in 2016 to $141 in this year’s study.

Security is embedded throughout our offering lifecycle.

  • Development with security by design, achieved through our Secure Engineering Framework.
  • Focus on standards that need to be enforced under regulatory and compliance requirements, tested processes and dedicated tools to help protect your data.
  • Provide scanning and intrusion detection to support operational security ,
  • Perform periodic audits to verify that operational security risks are mitigated.
  • Monitor a global security incident process 24×7 with trained personnel support in the event of a security incident.
  • Manage data center and server exposure to outside threats with multiple distinct and redundant architectures.

GDPR, opportunity to enhance business and brand value

The GDPR represents a unique opportunity to help strengthen your own data security and privacy compliance posture, as well as preserve the relationship with your customers. You can address your exposure to risk, and creating real competitive advantage by improving your business and brand value.

Our customer’s GDPR readiness journey is important to us. We are hosting a webinar on “Protect your data to simplify GDPR Readiness” on 15th November at 3PM GMT. 

What We will Cover

  • The potential impact of the Regulation and its key principles.
  • The foundational principles of data protection.
  • What data protection by design and by default means for organisations.
  • Practical application of data protection by design and by default in the Cloud – Data security, encryption capabilities, data breach notification, Multi Cloud SaaS offerings and our technical and operational measures to help you keep your data secure.
  • What does signing of 24 IBM Cloud infrastructure and PaaS services under the EU Cloud Code of Conduct mean for data protection.

Register NOW!

For more information on how IBM can help with your GDPR Readiness, visit:

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