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Introducing the IBM Cloud Lite account

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What if you had unlimited time to tap into a growing ecosystem of AI-infused services and runtimes to build your apps? And what if you could do it at no cost?

Today, we’re making that possible. We are excited to announce the IBM® Cloud Lite account – a free account that never expires. Ever. Seriously.

What’s included in a Lite account?

This new account type is a great opportunity for you to get more out of IBM Cloud – on your terms.

Here’s what you’ll get at no cost:

  • 256 MB of instantaneous Cloud Foundry runtime memory, plus 2 GB with Kubernetes Clusters.
  • Access to usage capped plans for select services, such as API Connect, Watson Conversation, Watson Discovery, Internet of Things Platform, Data Science Experience and many more. Check out the full list of available services.
  • Efficiency features, such as auto sleep and garbage collection, to help you better manage your resources.
  • Usage tracking and cap alerts that notify you when you’re approaching your data thresholds.

And again, you get all of that with no time restrictions! Use it when you want and for as long as you want. Check out this video to learn more about Lite accounts:

Why is a Lite account so awesome?

A Lite account is really great for learning about working in the cloud, using Watson, and so on. It’s also perfect for trying IBM Cloud and building POCs with the many components available in IBM Cloud.

You can take your time familiarizing yourself with IBM Cloud without having to submit your credit card from the get-go. Focus on developing new solutions, not managing billing. And never again worry about if you’ll have enough time to build something.

Try it out

Want in on all this goodness? Sign up and start exploring IBM Cloud with your new Lite account.

IBM Cloud Offering Manager

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Rene Baron

Having an already an existing (old) Bluemix Account I have clicked “Sign up” on this page and have found myself immediately back in my (old) Bluemix Account.
What does this mean?
Has my (old) Bluemix Account turned into a Cloud Light Account automatically ?



I am also facing the same issue. Will the earlier accounts be automatically converted, or we need to create a new account again.



I’ve setup a lite account and it have automatically created a space in UK Region. Now I’m trying to provision continuous delivery service and this service in available only in US South Region. This is failing because we can use only 1 Region in Lite account. Is there any way to switch to the US Region?


Rod Elder

Is there any steps or configuration examples for how to modify my ‘pay as you go’ account into a Lite account? This will be very helpful.


Camillo Gioè


I have the same question posted by Rod Elder: how can I change my “pay as you go” account in a Lite account?



same issue here as Rene’s


Binod Jung Bogati

I think, we need to create a new account for Cloud Lite account. Or, we need to contact support to change the account plan.


Janhavi Das

Hello all, apologies for the late response.

On converting previously created accounts to Lite – Expired or canceled accounts and billable accounts (i.e. Pay-As-You-Go and Subscription account) cannot be converted to a Lite account. But we encourage you to sign up for a new account with a new email id! If you have a current Trial account, you may be able to convert it to Lite. Get in touch with us via sales@bluemix.net for next steps.

On selecting a region – Region selection is a free perk available to billable accounts. Upgrade to Pay-As-You-Go to unlock region selection and many other free perks, such as an additional 256MB of free instantaneous Cloud Foundry memory (that’s 512MB in total for free) and ability to scale with organizations.

Have feedback or thoughts on how we can improve your experience? Let us know here – https://ibmcloud.ideas.aha.io/


David Karlsen

I have the lite account, but when attempting to create a Kubernetes cluster I am prompted to upgrade it to pay as you go – but the marketing says it is free. Doesn’t matter which region I select – won’t work in any of them.

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