TJBot goes to London, Twilio SIGNAL style

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19th Sept 2017
The Brewery in London, UK
Discount registration to attend

If you haven’t already heard, SIGNAL London, a one–day conference by Twilio, is bringing together leading thinkers, customers, developers, and partners to explore how the nature of communications is changing. IBM will be there to show attendees the art of the possible with Bluemix and Twilio.

The star for our presence there will be a small robot; TJBot is its name. We’ll be demoing some very interesting things that you can do with TJBot, not to mention we’ll raffle off one free TJBot kit, complete with Raspberry Pi and speakers!

Getting to know what you can build with TJBot is very easy. Using IBM Code journeys, we’ll demonstrate the power of combining Twilio with Watson services all in this little robot.

For example, imagine if you could communicate with TJBot about your favorite sports team. You can! We have a code journey that walks you through how to do that! And this is just one example of the possibilities with TJBot, Watson and Twilio.

As a sponsor of SIGNAL London, we can offer you a discount to attend. I highly recommend you take advantage of this discount. And when you attend SIGNAL, be sure to visit our booth. We’ll have some cool IBM swag to hand out.

Did I mention $BASH, the after conference party? Games, music, and great conversations with developers! I can honestly tell you that $BASH is one of the best after-conference parties I’ve ever attended.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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