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Teridion uses Cloud infrastructure to keep you living in the fast lane

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Teridion Inc. uses patented routing technology on IBM Cloud to improve customers’ internet performance by 5–20 times

We live in an age of more than 3 billion internet users and more than 6 billion connected devices. People today want information….and they want it right away.

According to a study by Kissmetrics customer analytics, 47 percent of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. And one of every five people will abandon a website that takes three seconds or more to load.

Teridion Inc., a startup based in San Francisco, has tackled the challenge and is providing a patented solution that offers faster, more reliable internet service.

The solution works much like an advanced self-driving navigation system that — unlike typical car navigation systems — not only indicates the best route from Point A to Point B but automatically reroutes based on:

  • traffic congestion,
  • weather conditions,
  • road construction and more.

Teridion uses IBM Cloud infrastructure and connectivity between data centers to find and create new routes that were unavailable until vendors like IBM began to expand around the world.

As a result, user traffic follows managed connections in paths that recalculate in real time based on changes in internet topology and performance.

The company has created an entirely new roadmap with fast-speed highways that previously did not exist.

Borrowing a phrase from Sir Isaac Newton, Teridion refers to this innovative strategy as “standing on the shoulders of giants.” Teridion’s genius is simple — it artfully uses underlying technologies that already exist today as an infrastructure for internet networking.

And it’s working. In fact, Teridion customers are experiencing internet performance gains that are 5–20 times faster.

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