IBM Cloud private version 2.1 Beta 1 is available

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Today IBM is providing a first peek at what is coming in the next major release of IBM Cloud private. IBM Cloud private 2.1 Beta 1 is the first of several beta releases that the development team is delivering leading up to the 2.1 release later this year. This blog describes some of the highlights of this release. If you download it now and give it a spin, we want to hear your feedback on the improvements we made and the direction we’re moving in.

What is IBM Cloud private?

IBM Cloud private is an application platform for developing and managing on-premises, containerized applications. It is built on the latest versions of Kubernetes and Docker, the leading open-source container technologies. IBM Cloud private is an integral part of the IBM Cloud, providing many of the same features and benefits of IBM’s public cloud offerings within the client’s own data center.

IBM Cloud private is an all-new and rapidly evolving product. Look for more many more capabilities and workloads in future releases.

What’s in 2.1 Beta 1?

Here’s a look at what’s available now in the 2.1 Beta 1 package.

Preview of new look and feel and usability improvements

In the 2.1 Beta 1 release, you can take a sneak peek at two new user interfaces (UI) that we’re working on, and tell us what you think.

  • New platform and catalog UI (Preview) – Aligning more closely with the public IBM Cloud, the new UI is built on the same UX standards as the public IBM cloud to offer clearer, more consistent displays. We added better searching of and more details about the Helm charts in our Catalog. Primarily providing a read-only view of the cluster, these UIs are not yet fully operational in this Beta release. In future releases, we will fill out the features and replace the old UI. (Note: In this release, the Catalog UI works on only x86. Power support is coming.)
  • New installation configuration UI (Preview) – A new UI makes it easier for you to get the product installation right the first time. The Beta 1 release includes a first installment for review.

Improved manageability and troubleshooting

We’re providing more tools so you can get to the bottom of it when things don’t go quite right.

  • New monitoring tools – We include the latest Kibana + Elasticsearch stack in our Helm repo to provide better monitoring and logging services for the platform and applications.
  • New web terminal console – The new terminal offers you easy troubleshooting and access to kubectl, Helm, and calicoctl commands.

Deeper and broader infrastructure support

A private cloud needs to fit into your environment, so we’re working to support more types of hardware, data stores, and security services. In the Beta 1 release, we added support for using:

  • IBM Z worker nodes
  • vSphere volumes on x86 systems
  • GlusterFS on x86 systems

More Kubernetes

Kubernetes continues to evolve quickly, adding new capabilities with each release. IBM Cloud private provides an updated Kubernetes version that’s fully supported and ready for production. This release includes:

  • Kubernetes 1.7.3
  • Multi-cluster federation

Frameworks and application integrations

  • Cloud Foundry – Cloud Foundry is available on demand as a separate installation. Ask your sales representatives for a preview of untethered Cloud Foundry running alongside Kubernetes.
  • Service Broker – Services are now available to Kubernetes via the open service broker.

Fixes and improvements

  • We added a pre-checker for Calico network requirements and a new default MTU value for the Calico IPIP tunnel.
  • You can now manage privileged container access.
  • IBM Cloud private supports multiple network interfaces.
  • We improved master restart reliability.

Try IBM Cloud private 2.1.0 Beta 1 now!

IBM Cloud private-ce, the free community edition version of this product, is available for download from DockerHub. You can download the IBM Cloud private-ce V2.1.0 Beta 1 package here:

Connect with us!

Do you have a comment or question or want to report an issue? You can send your feedback through several channels:

  • Connect with the development team on Slack. Click here for an invitation to the Slack team.
  • Ask a question on StackOverflow
  • Email the development team at:

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Benoit Marolleau

Very good article, and very good news! I’m interested in installing Cloud Private on Open Power Systems. Do you know where to find the Cloud Foundry installation guidelines on the Power Architecture? thx

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